About The Team
We’re a passionate team of strategists and implementers ready to help your business get noticed. We illuminate the best of your business with our plans, and actions.
Who is Identify?
Rachel Klaver and her team of Identifyers have one thing in common: We love working with small to medium sized businesses who want to grow.
We have diverse backgrounds, work closely together, and focus on delivering you the best results in a timely and cost effective matter.
Rachel Klaver
The Way We Work

Growing a team to work alongside me has been one of my very favourite parts of Identify. We’ve done a lot of growing and changing since we started in April 2015. It started with just me – until I quickly realised that was going to lead to an awful lot of disappointed customers! (I was time poor, and had some gaps in my skills).

So I brought on a contractor, and then another, and then another, until a year later I had a team of eleven part-timers and contractors. It felt big, and it felt successful but I felt frustrated in terms of how deep we could go and upskilling the team was complex (we need to constantly upskill in our industry as things change all the time).

In November 2016 Rachel Gronback, our Digital Director, began in a full-time role with us, followed by Alexis and Holly. Shannon works with us as our admin support.
We’re based in Orewa, and most of us have a very short commute. Plus it’s a short walk to the beach.

Moving towards a team of full-timers has meant we’ve lost a few of our contractors but we’ve gained so much more in terms of capability, focus and direction for Identify and our clients. 
Our team is built on the same principles we teach our clients – to focus on what is the most important, to then learn from your trying, to support each other, and to believe we can do it. We strongly support the need for down time, and discourage night time work, weekend work and work on Friday afternoons. We model what we want our clients to be achieving in terms of finding balance in their business.

If you pop into our office you may see our other team members Milly or Spud – our work dogs (or beg-for-a-treat dogs). 
We are not adverse to popping off to the gym or pilates during the day, but equally, we all love a doughnut every now and again. Because you know – BALANCE.

We’re more likely to enjoy working with you as a client if you love the idea of work being a part, rather than all, of your life. If that’s you, please get in touch.

Our Team
– Are selected by their experience
– Continuously trained in new ideas and concepts
– Carefully matched to your needs, so that you get the best result
– Are up to date with different marketing platforms and techniques
– Work as a team to provide exceptional high quality work
– Have collectively worked with hundreds of New Zealand and Australian businesses
Account Manager

Alexis Brackebush

Alexis is passionate about the power of social media and the way it can be harnessed to grow a client’s businesses. Yes, she is a millennial! But her strength is bridging the gap between personal and business use of social media – every day she takes her clients on a journey of understanding the difference between their personal use of social platforms versus using social media for business and utilising the powerful business tools available. Alexis interned at the iconic kiwi business that is The Warehouse Group and has been part of the Identify team since March 2017. Identify’s ethos – making marketing accessible – is something she's really proud of and it is what drives her to share her knowledge with our clients and online learners.

Creative Specialist

Holly Robertson

Holly is a creative at heart and her passion is the process of making ideas into reality via web development, branding or clever social media campaigns. Her role at Identify allows her to bring design and web knowledge to our clients in a way that simplifies complex or time-consuming issues for a business owner – and it’s something she gets a lot of joy out of! Within our team, we live by life-hacks – simple solutions and processes to big issues that make a big difference to our team, our clients and our online learners – and it’s these life-hacks Holly wants to bring to you.


Miranda Likeman

Miranda is a talented writer, working with our Social Media and PR clients. She is currently on maternity break but easing back into work soon.


Nichole Brown

Nichole is a talented writer of articles and blogs and works on the Professional Services side of the business. Her previous role was an in-house accounts manager for a branding and design company.

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