Create your Digital Strategy
Work with us to create a strategy that links your online marketing tools together –  including social media, paid social advertising, Google AdWords and email newsletters.
Not sure how to take your social media, website and Google knowledge to the next level for your business? We work with you to create an effective and comprehensive Digital Strategy that works for your unique business.  We discuss all the options, your current skill level, all the best tips and tricks and ensure you have a 90-day plan.  We don’t believe in doing anything for the sake of it – so let us help you determine what’s important and show you how to do it.
Our Digital Strategy Training is

Bespoke to your unique business and skillset

Ideal for anyone involved in marketing your business

Customised to your stage in the business, and your goals

Focussed on quick wins and bang for buck!

Easily the best way to learn basic to advanced Facebook Advertising

Are we right for you?

I’ve worked with some of New Zealand’s biggest businesses as a Marketing and Customer Data Analyst which has given me a solid grounding in data analytics and means I am always asking the question “so how do we measure this?”

Outside of my role as Digital Director I run a successful fashion blog so I understand the power the right influencer can have on business growth – and you’ll hear me talk about it pretty frequently if you spend more than 5 minutes with me!

My team call me queen of life-hacks because I am all about making systems and processes work for your business and not the other way around!

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“I felt she listened to where I was, then took me from there, giving me direction and confidence around our digital marketing”

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