Email Marketing
Stay connected with clients, prospects and leads with effective email marketing that adds value, and builds relationships leading to future sales. Identify your offering and talk about it.
If you’ve got clients, you’ve got an email database. We’ll help you work out a strategy then implement it so you can stay in touch with people who already know about you. Your contacts are your referrers, your word of mouth promoters and repeat clients. You need to look after them!
The Process
  • 1. SET UP

    We’ll help you set up your lists, add methods to capture more leads, and create a strategy to keep in contact.

  • 2. TOPICS

    You'll approve the topics and themes we set out to use for your content. (Or provide your own to us).

  • 3. DESIGN

    We’ll create beautiful and memorable layouts and designs, plus write and edit compelling content.


    We’ll report on the open rates, and other analytics on a monthly basis.

Our Email Marketing is

Beautiful and memorable

Designed to add value to the receiver

A simple way to stay in touch with your clients

Created to meet the specific target markets you’ve provided

Reported on every month

But hey, don’t take our word for it, take our clients’ Email Marketing success stories:

We’re so glad we came across you because you are what we needed: Someone who is excellent at marketing, and can give us a map to follow.


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