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 We don’t make you do anything you can’t believe in, and we don’t believe in doing anything for the sake of it. Anything we suggest answers a resounding YES to this question “Will this help you grow your business?”.
Our Marketing Strategy Training is

Created using what you tell us and the knowledge we’ve amassed from working with hundreds of NZ businesses

Customised to fit the needs of your business

Up to date, with best marketing practices for small businesses

Full of ideas and strategies we’ve personally tested and trialled with our clients

Focussed on the end goal – a growing, profitable business

Are we right for you?

If you need a reality check and some frank, real life training, but want to walk out feeling more confident, with your passion for your business firmly back in the heart of your business, I’d like to work with you. I’m going to grill you about where you feel you fit in the marketplace, and see if we need to correct that, help you find the right market for what you sell, and remind you over and over again to see value in what you do.

I’m going to focus on the activity that helps you have more profit. And I’m going to help you eradicate the parts that wear you out or rob your business of growth. And through that all, I’m going to teach you to sell using your own personality and skills, and I promise, completely promise, you are not going to become a horrible, pushy person. You will become a great salesperson for your business.

– Rachel Klaver


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Rachel Klaver

“Our initial session with Rachel highlighted that we were under pricing our bespoke handmade allergy friendly offerings and helped us make changes.”

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