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  • Are selected by their experience
  • Continuously trained in new ideas and concepts
  • Carefully matched to your needs, so that you get the best result
  • Are up to date with different marketing platforms and techniques
  • Spend time every week on developing new skills and learning
  • Are Google Adwords certified
  • Are Google Analytics certified
  • Are NZ’s first Active Campaign accredited consultants
  • Work as a team to provide exceptionally high-quality work
  • Have collectively worked with hundreds of New Zealand and Australian businesses
Outsourced marketing management with Identify Marketing, Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand
Rachel Klaver

Rachel Klaver

Chief Excitement Officer (Strategist, Marketer, Storyteller)

Rachel is the chief strategist and trainer for anyone wanting to grow their business through improved sales, marketing, automation or team training.

With her fifteen years plus experience as a business trainer, Rachel’s about to work with you individually or with your own team

Rachel’s broad experience across a wide variety of sectors, business sizes, and growth stages means she’s able to customise her work for you, to best fit what you need right now.

She also leads the team, jumping in to help with content, ad copy, strategic planning and anything the team needs to serve our clients better.

Staying hands-on, and constantly developing professionally is the cornerstone of her ethos to deliver a better experience to our clients.

When she’s not thinking about strategy, she’s walking the dogs on the beach with Rod, swimming lengths in the pool or enjoying a day out on the boat fishing for tea.


Rod Klaver

Rod Klaver

Systems and Automation Manager

Rod’s brought his extensive experience in Information Systems and Continuous Improvement to Identify. Heading our marketing automation and improved systems parts of the business, he has a strength in listening to your needs as a business, and then creating an effective, streamlined and targetted solution to help your business grow.

After working in large corporates and with medium-sized enterprises, Rod’s particular strengths are in analysis, scoping, forecasting, and implementing projects.

He is an experienced coach and trainer, who works at your speed, and ensures you have a sound understanding of core principles and requirements.

Rod is also Adwords certified, and a registered, approved consultant for Active Campaign.

If he’s not at Identify, he’s likely to be either fishing or playing golf. Plus he’s a favourite on local beaches at dog walking time – they all know he’s got treats for them!

Lauren Cooke

Lauren Cooke

Marketing Automation and Account Manager

Creative and passionate about storytelling, Lauren is able to pull concepts together to take your marketing prospects, leads and clients on a journey, drawing them closer to you.

She’s savvy with digital marketing platforms and skilled in incorporating design and words together.

Her strengths are in marketing automation, content, blogging, facebook marketing, Instagram and Linkedin marketing

Lauren’s also one of our key account managers, and in charge of ensuring your client needs are met while you work with us.

She’s also completely dog mad, loves a good emergency ice cream, and burns everything off with regular soccer practice.

Alexis Brackebush

Alexis Brackebush

Digital Strategist and Account Manager

Focussed, organised, and ready to work with our clients. Alexis is passionate about ensuring our clients are well looked after, and their marketing objectives are met.

As well as managing our clients’ marketing, Alexis is our chief Digital Marketing trainer with a huge depth of knowledge on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin marketing and advertising. She’s able to break down the information into bite-sized chunks and talks in plain, easy to understand language.

Alexis thrives in the busy environment at Identify and helps corral all the creatives to meet deadlines, and client’s expectations.  She’s our expert on advert targetting and creating effective digital sales funnels using Facebook.

When she’s not at Identify, she’s busy with farm and DIY tasks, including rescuing errant pigs that have strayed onto the motorway!

Holly Robertson

Holly Robertson

Creative Specialist and Web Designer

Intensely creative, Hollly’s able to translate your words, ideas and hand gesticulations into beautiful logos, websites and marketing collateral. Everything she creates just looks beautiful.

Her experience in web design makes her the idea people to choose for website mockups  (for any platform) or for full design and development across a range of platforms. She project managed and led the launch of our own stationery line Identifyles.

Her role at Identify allows her to bring design and web knowledge to our clients in a way that simplifies complex or time-consuming issues for a business owner – and it’s something she gets a lot of joy out of.

Holly has a huge love of music (performing and listening) as well as getting out for a surf when the waves are pumping.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Web Developer

Tim is highly skilled at delivering effective, user-friendly websites to our clients. He also looks after our UK based clients, operating from offices in Essex. Tim started with us here in NZ, and we couldn’t bear to lose him once he left the country.

As our web developer, you may not have direct contact with him much through the process. However, you will appreciate the work he does, combining his expertise with Holly’s design

Tim is also our SEO expert, able to optimise sites and advise on keyword strategies for improving both paid and organic search. He’s a skilled analyst, and able to provide effective development, advice and support to our clients.

While he’s not working with us, he’s stretching his travel muscles, and exploring the world.

We love to identify who you are, what you do, then help you tell it to the world.

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