Sales Strategy Training
Identify your Sales Strategy with a plan you feel confident in implementing, to get you the clients you target.
Learn how to sell without selling out, how to set targets without panicking, how to close without being pushy, and how to keep the motivation going with our ‘Identify Your Sales Strategy‘ training.
The Process

    We’ll determine your target market with you, and create your sales goals


    You’ll work with us to create a strategy that can meet the goals we’ve set

  • 3. SALES

    We’ll help you with ideas around lead generation, and selling to warm contacts


    You’ll be able to implement the actions in it immediately, knowing which areas to prioritise and focus on (and why!)

Our Sales Strategy Training is

Not scary. At all

Suitable for people working in a professional role, or with B2B selling

Ready to go when you are

Focussed on growing the most profitable parts of your business

The best investment spent on your business this year

We are an NZTE approved Training Provider.
All of our training may be funded up to 50% dependent on you meeting criteria around your business.
But hey, don’t take our word for it, take our clients’ Sales Strategy Training success stories:
Sales Training
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