Social Media
We start by working with you to choose the platforms you need, ignoring the others, measuring your activity and helping people find ways to identify with you and your business online. And to give you an idea of budget, our social media management pricing starts from $525 + GST per month!
If you have a business selling to people in any way, there is a social media platform suited to you. We’re all about looking at your return of investment from effort and spend, so we match you with the bare minimum of what you best need, to create a long term solution that won’t swamp you.
Our Social Media solutions are

Targetted at the right type of customer, for the least spend possible, on the right platforms

Focussed on building trust, engagement and move people closer to a sale

Expected to be part of the path to the customer, especially in the early days

Reflective of who you are, mixed with what we know will get people’s attention

Regular, consistent and relational

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