“Rachel has helped our team feel more confident in adding value to our clients, and has shown us how to see sales as a service.”
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Peak Pilates
Success Story


Peak Pilates specialise in providing a high quality service in both Physio and Pilates. With a number of clinics in the Auckland area, they offer pilates classes run by a qualified trainer, or a physiotherapist as well as rehab, prehab, and one to one sessions. The benefit of having highly qualified staff means Peak can confidentially say they are able to deliver on excellence. However, professionals are historically poor sellers as their development and training have naturally been in other areas (like helping people run again!) The need was to provide sales training that did not conflict with their high levels of professionalism but still helped the business grow and remain successful.


We worked with Peak’s managers and head physios over a period of several years, providing sales training, team training, and sales strategy sessions. These were presented in workshop form, with discussion, notes, and goal setting.


The team was able to change their views on how sales can be perceived as a professional, set targets and work to change the culture of selling in the business. The core need to stay professional and not sell something that wasn’t needed was reinforced, and the team has since begun to adopt selling techniques that add value to the client, and also adds value to the business.


“Rachel from Identify has worked with our team of Managers and Physiotherapists to become more confident in selling, without compromising their commitment to putting the client first, or selling something without purpose, or the best needs of the clients in mind. Rachel has helped our team feel more confident in adding value to our clients, and has shown us how to see sales as a service”

– Jason, Director of Peak Pilates Group.

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