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*The Right Kind

It's Easy to Grow When You've Got the Right Customers

You’ve got a great business.

Your products or services are second to none.


You call your business the best kept secret in your industry

That’s a  PROBLEM.

How we'll work together

Step 1:

We work on a plan with you. We make sure it fits your business stage, your budget and your plans for growth. Every action will help attract the right type of customer for your business.

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Step 2:

We help get your plan underway. We set up marketing automation and facebook funnels, your social media scheduling and more. We test it all until we’re both happy with the outcomes.

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Step 3:

When you are ready, we’ll train and hand over your marketing so you can run it yourself. We’ll go at your pace, and make sure you stay confident, in control and getting the best results.

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Identify your strengths, weakness, and rooms for improvement in our free marketing health checklist.

What you can expect when working with us

We help you sort out the need-to’s and discard the “shoulds”.
You’ll know we think you are awesome right now (we won’t marketing shame you!)
Solutions that fit your budget, time, and goals.
Oodles of value, ideas, tips, and insight.
We find the simplest and best actions you should take.
You’ll get support, exclusive online training, and oodles of encouragement.
Understanding of what to outsource and what should stay in-house.
Clear, personalised training.
Our end goal is to have you confidently (and hopefully enthusiastically!) running what we helped you set up.
Business growth that is attributable to your marketing.
A business that is no longer a “best kept secret”.

It's Easy to Grow When You've Got the Right Customers

Need a FREE marketing strategy?

Our online school guides you through how to write a marketing strategy. It’s FREE FOREVER. Join, be guided with our emails, videos and lessons, and create a marketing strategy for your new normal.


 “I would come out of some of these sessions saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t do this. What are you on about?” But that would be the overall strategy, and then, Rachel and the team would break it down to things that would be achievable. It makes you feel confident about trying a little bit more…I’ll just have another go. I’ll just take another step.”


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