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Active Campaign And WooCommerce

Active Campaign and WooCommerce Integration – what’s in it for you?

Capturing your customers’ existing data between Active Campaign and WooCommerce is a powerful exercise enabling you to reach targeted segments of your database again and again, building loyalty. Thet data is meaningless if you don’t use it. Maximising the use of the data requires an efficient and integrated tool which makes it easier for you to determine how customers respond to your offerings.

Active Campaign and WooCommerce share a Deep Data Integration designed to connect your contacts between the two platforms and allow you to build powerful marketing campaigns. By combining all your email marketing efforts in a single platform, sending carefully crafted emails to segmented customers now guarantees positive impact to your e-commerce store.

Thinking of integrating Active Campaign and WooCommerce?? Here are some reasons why you should:

Information becomes easily accessible

By connecting your WooCommerce account to ActiveCampaign, you can quickly view your customers’ information and use this data to specifically target the right people for re-marketing . This can include filtering on their previous purchase history, total revenue, and total orders, and total products purchased.

Segment-builders help you create effective campaigns

Through the Deep Data Integration, you’re not only able to organize data; you’re also able to segment them. You may segment them based on products they purchased, lifetime value, or frequency of orders. Segmented data helps you create campaigns and send automated and curated messages to your customers when it is more effective for them.

Once it’s automated, it’s easy

Acknowledging your customers’ loyalty is a must if you want to win them again and promote repeat purchase. These customers need only a brief reminder of the next best thing your e-commerce store can offer and it can come right after their first purchase. You can also follow up with them a simple “thank you”. You can set up automation for abandoned carts and other shopper activity to help you make more sales. This is when an automated content is most effective and when Deep Data Integration works best.

Your customers’ Lifetime Customer Value is calculated automatically

Curating content is done with less stress when you don’t have to manually categorize your customers’ spending habits. Through the Deep Data Integration for WooCommerce, your customers’ Lifetime Customer Value is calculated automatically based on their purchase history, making it easier for you to tag them based on the amount of money they spent in your store. This way, determining your loyal customers is quicker, which in turn, allows you to create more curated and targeted content for those who are more likely to spend again.

You can score your customers and identify your top clients

By measuring their engagement beyond spend, you can identify your fans, your top clients, and your most powerful advocates. You can attribute different values to certain actions (such as opening an email, clicking on a link, visiting the website, to help you identify those who are love with your brand. You can then target these people

So instead of sitting and staring at that data, why don’t you turn it into powerful information for your marketing campaigns? By integrating your WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign, you’re actually defining the future of your ecommerce store through integrated and seamless communication strategies.


We’re experts in marketing automation and Active Campaign consultants. We can help you set up your data,  integrations, automations and help you run effective marketing automation to grow your e commerce store.

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