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Are You Focussed on Process or Service?

1New Zealand businesses are full of people who are excellent in what they do. We are known as a do-ing nation. We can create out of nothing, and tinker away at all things good and useful. However, in the end, a business is not made of just amazing products or skills, but in how they might benefit the person who will one day use them. When I ask a business what they do, I listen very carefully for whether their response is all about them (so they are focussed on process), or all about the end user (focussed on service.)

It immediately gives me an idea of what my experience is going to be like with them. Hands down customers and clients will revisit a business with less than perfect products but excellent service over a business that delivers exemplary products but a less than satisfactory customer interaction. Yes, be focussed on your offering, and how you can get it in front of your customers. But gear everything around the person who will use what you are selling.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, start with thinking what would make someone want to work with you – if it’s all about the product quality or process, you know you need to think about changing how you function as a business.

Identify the people factor. Identify the reasons people would use you more than once.

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