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With the right strategy and effective resources at your fingertips, marketing automation will increase the number and quality of your marketing generated leads, while giving you more time for other parts of your business.

For those of you who just need some starter support, we’ll sit down with you and help you work out what you need (and why!), and how to implement automation into your business.

If your business needs more in-depth marketing automation support, we offer package and bespoke marketing management services. We work within your budget, and become your marketing automation partner.

We are ActiveCampaign Consultants, and ZOHO CRM Partners

Are you ready to have more inbound marketing leads?

We’re here to help.

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Managing and Integrating Data

When it comes to marketing automation, your data is your goldmine. We’ll start with looking at where your list has come from, and how best to continue collecting it to make sure you are getting the right data for growth. You need to keep your data clean, and functioning smoothly. You’ll get the tools you need to improve open rates, and target the right contacts. We can also help integrate your data into all the tools you need, helping you make the most of every last piece of intel you’ve collected.

Mapping the Customer Journey

Walk the path your customer will take from initial awareness to purchase, and then retainment. We’ll then improve the journey, creating bespoke marketing automations and campaigns to increase touch points. This includes nurturing your contacts and working out where you need landing pages, and marketing collateral such as ebooks, courses or infographics.

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CRM Set Up

Ignite your sales process and convert more leads. We’ll set your marketing automation platform up for you, cleaning your data, importing it, and then segmenting it into the ideal areas. Once that is done, we’ll then build and test integrations with other platforms, and set up automations, and campaigns. You’ll feel confident with our training to your team on how to maintain the automated marketing after setup . We’re both Active Campaign Consultants and Zoho CRM partners

Marketing Automation Management

Outsource the ongoing creation of marketing automations, email marketing, and care of your data and contacts to us, giving you time to farm the leads we help generate. We’ll set up and tweak automations, create email campaigns, and manage your tags and/or lead scoring.

Email Campaigns

Create effective, compelling and attractive email campaigns to build trust, improve relationship, and convert your list. Match the frequency, style and content to the target market, and see your emails convert to a sale. We’ll help you determine when and where you should implement marketing automation sequences to improve marketing inbound leads, and how to improve email open rates.

Increase Website Leads

Fill your pipeline with lead generating marketing activity including Google Adwords, and digital marketing retargeting. We can manage the full process, as well as providing analytics and reporting. Using your data, and our strategy, we can target the right clients, feeding them into your sales funnel. We’ll develop landing pages and strong calls to action to convert.

We love to identify who you are, what you do, then help you tell that to the world.

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