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Active Campaign is our favourite marketing automation tool for small to medium businesses in New Zealand. (and beyond.)

It focuses on what it does best – helping you develop great relationships with contacts, leads, prospects and clients (and’ we’ve found – your team!) without you needing to spend hours every week doing work that is easily automated.

We’re specialists in creating successful inbound marketing automation for small to medium-sized businesses in New Zealand.

How we’d work with you using Active Campaign:

  • Work out how your business and marketing processes already work
  • Identify what we can automate
  • Simplify your processes and systems
  • How to segment your audiences and customise your approach to them
  • Develop engaging and converting campaigns
  • Engage and nurture your list (at each stage of the journey
  • Better identify where each contact is in the sales process
  • Reduce time and effort, while increasing profit.
  • Make growth feel easy. (and automatic)

We help you arrive at your business goals. (and help you think even bigger)

We have worked with a range of different types of businesses from e-commerce, to service-based to wholesales/ manufacturers. It works well to provide a significant increase in automated marketing leads across the sectors.

Active Campaign Consulting

Want to better understand how to implement Active Campaign into your business? We’ll help you work out how to manage your data and understand lead generation funnels. We can develop automation and nurture sequences and create a strategy that fully integrates into the rest of your marketing.

As Active Campaign Consultants in New Zealand, we understand how to best integrate it into NZ companies for a local, national or worldwide audience.

We prefer to start by mapping out your customer journey, then working with you to identify your core business and marketing processes.

Managing Your Data

We’ll look after your data, helping you define and implement the best methods to collect data from prospects, leads and customers. We’ll look at how you can integrate Active Campaign with your other marketing and business platforms. We’ll provide systems and support to keep your data clean and optimise functionality.

Website Design or Lead Pages

We’re passionate about developing websites that generate you quality marketing leads, that convert to sale. For this you need an effective website (or at the very least, effective lead pages). We can help you design a website that integrates active campaign seamlessly. We can also set up deep data integrations (depending on your chosen website platform).

Nurture Sequences

We’ll help you define what nurture sequences you need, and help you create these to target your ideal customer avatars. We can either provide a full-service nurture sequence delivery or provide you with training and support to create your own.

We’re not fans of creating content for extra noise on the internet! Our strategic advice helps you provide meaningful experiences for your leads, prospects and clients.

Your Sales CRM

Manage your sales funnel with Active Campaign’s CRM. We’ll help you create an effective deal funnel. You’ll be able to measure each stage of the sales process. We’ll work out a weighted scoring system for leads, automations and methods to nurture your leads, while supporting your sales team.

Integration with Your Marketing

We understand Active Campaign is one tool in your marketing strategy. We are able to help you integrate its use effectively with all your marketing activity, including facebook and instagram advertising, Google Adwords, Youtube, and more traditional marketing.

We've worked with:

ActiveCampaignAdwords, Asana, Big Cartel,  Calendly, E-Books Equid Facebook Ads Google Analytics, Harvest, MailChimp, PayPal, Proposify, Report Garden, Shopify,  Squarespace, Storbie, Stripe, WooCommerce WordPress, Xero, Zapier.

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