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Highly reliable, consistent with a huge range of applications to take your marketing to the next level across your team, Zoho is the perfect fit for businesses wanting a superpowered CRM and marketing tool, without spending thousands every month.

Zoho CRM is an in-depth sales and marketing tool, that adds productivity and reduces repetitive administrative tasks. Integrating with Zoho Salesiq, adding website tracking and customising you engagement will help you attract marketing leads and convert them to customers.

Identify are Zoho CRM partners in NZ and can help you decide if it’s the right fit for you, implement it into your business, customise it for your needs and train your team.

We’ll help you implement this amazing suite of tools, so your business works better.

While any business can benefit from Zoho, we especially see it working well with businesses dealing with multiple contacts from the sale organisation, or businesses where they have more than one site.

It fully integrates with a range of other platforms, as well as operating as an “all in one” solution

Zoho Consulting

If you need to implement ZOHO CRM fully into your business, we’d like to help you work out how best to do that.

We’ll sit down with you (and your team) and listen to how you run your business, and look after your marketing and sales process.

We’ll take a look at your data and how it is moved from section to section in your business, at each step of the way.

We’ll help identify what can be automated, what can be measured, and what should be recorded.

As Zoho CRM Partners in New Zealand, we understand how to best integrate it into NZ companies for a local, national or worldwide audience.

If you’re not sure ZOHO is the right fit, we can also help by creating a Technology Roadmap, that works out your needs, and matching it with the best solutions. While completing this process, we remain platform agnostic, to provide the best results to you at all times.

We prefer to start by mapping out your customer journey, then working with you to identify your core business and marketing processes.

We may also recommend you work with us to create a sales strategy, if you do not currently have one

Implementing ZOHO CRM Suite

We’ll help you implement this range of apps and tools to use within your business. We’ll help you define and implement the best methods to collect data from prospects, leads, and customers. We’ll show you how to completely operate and control your marketing from ZOHO Social, and ZOHO campaign, and we’ll help set up your sales processes so you can close deals more effectively.

Customised Delivery

After working with hundreds of New Zealand businesses on their marketing we’re well aware every single business has different needs and requirements, even if the basic marketing activities are the same.

We can completely customise your ZOHO CRM to meet what you need to see, and do, tailoring it to become your primary method of keeping in touch and connecting with anyone in your sales cycle.

Once we’ve established the smoothest and most effective path from prospect to loyal customer, we’ll create the automations and systems within Zoho to support you and your team through every step.

New Zealand Trainers for ZOHO CRM

A tool is only as good as it’s users.

We’ll work with you and your team right through the implementation journey, bringing you all along as we help you save time and improve processes.

For most businesses we recommend the team is kept informed and trained throughout the process, to ensure they are on board with the changes and benefits.

We provide one-to-one and small group training, as well as custom training videos walking the user through the core actions they need to take for key tasks.

Our facilitators and trainers are highly experienced and able to work across a team that includes a variety of skill levels.

We've worked with:

ActiveCampaignAdwords, Asana, Big Cartel,  Calendly, E-Books Equid Facebook Ads Google Analytics, Harvest, MailChimp, PayPal, Proposify, Report Garden, Shopify,  Squarespace, Storbie, Stripe, WooCommerce WordPress, Xero, Zapier. Zoho CRM

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