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Why you need to care about SEO for your business

One of the most common questions we asked is if you need to care about SEO for your business.

The second one after that is often little quieter. It’s generally what is SEO?

If you need the answer to that it’s in this video here: What is SEO and Why is it so important?

Once you’ve worked out what SEO is the next step is working out why you need to care about SEO.  You also need to understand how it can help your business.

We have a moderate approach to SEO here at Identify. This is mainly because we work with clients with moderate budgets! We know there is a best-case scenario, and a real-life one. Sometimes these are different!

The first step is to ensure you’ve got top-notch ON page SEO so that Google can find your content, and then help others find it when they search for it.

While some agencies suggest the bare minimum of on-page SEO, the truth is, getting it completely stellar and working well for you does take time. For instance – to get this website to a point where we were happy with the SEO (in terms of a starting place), it took us a week of adding keywords, tweaking content, and researching the keywords and places where we could make quick wins.

In competitive industries, SEO is super important.

In local areas, having good on-page SEO might be enough to get you found more than your competitors.

For example, we’re a marketing agency based in Orewa, Auckland. Nationally, our competition is pretty fierce! Even or competition in Auckland is pretty tough! But with good SEO it’s relatively easy for us to come top in keywords for our area. Yes – there will not be piles of them – but it’s a quick win we will take.

Care About SEO for your Business

Once the on-page is sorted (this will need to be worked on every quarter, to make sure your content and keywords are still hitting the mark), you can look at off page.

All websites need some OFF PAGE SEO

However, if you want to be on the first page of search for a range of keywords, you’ll need to either invest your own time, or someone else’s (like ours) to make sure your website is listed on directories, linked to other websites, and more.

A key to good business growth is investing in time to work on your business.

Off-page SEO is an excellent reason why this matters. Put in the time, investment and patience, and it does pay off.

Of course, you can also get to the first page with paid search. It’s fast – just won’t last if you cut the budget.

We provide FULL on page SEO as part of all our Website Design and Development

If you are not sure your On Page SEO is working, contact us to arrange for us to complete an SEO report. If you have a wordpress website we can work wonders on your SEO. If you have a templated site, we can do as much as we can (they have limitations)

If your site is on another platform, we can work with your content, and provide advice for your web developer to bring your SEO up to scratch.


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