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Why you shouldn’t be afraid to create alliances with your competitors

Part of understanding your Market Proposition is recognising when you may not be the best fit for a potential client. – this is where strategic alliances become really valuable to your business and to your professional reputation.

We don’t believe in kickbacks or commissions for referrals, we just simply refer leads to the people that will get the best result for the client.  Some of our favourite businesses to refer to are ShiftOn, Pint Sized Social Media and Draper Cormack due to their specialist knowledge and you shouldn’t be afraid to do the same within your competitor network.

Here is a quick guide on how we use strategic alliances in our business, and what NOT to do (beware the frenemy!)

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Correctly Price Your Products With This Simple Pricing Equation From Identify Marketing

How to Correctly Price Your Products

Knowing how to correctly price your products is a key part of your business success.

The trick is to price them at a point that is profitable for you both now, and at a later stage in your business. If you have got a small/micro business without staff, the price point you have now might not be sustainable once you grow.

So you need to know how to correctly price your products, taking into account business expenses, potential wholesale or distributor margins, factoring in true costs, and of course your time and energy.

This video shows you how to correctly price your products.

The video is shot but helps you work through how to correctly price your products (or services) so that you are profitable.

One of the key issues in growing a business is ensuring the price is set correctly.  New or young businesses often struggle to place the correct amount of info on what they are selling as they are often using their own bias in what they’d pay for instead of what their target market would pay.

Watch my video to learn what the other parts are, and use it to help work out your pricing structure. Just remember to add on a profit margin to whatever number you come up with at the end!

If you know you need some help from us to work this out, please get in touch. We’d love to help you get it right for your market.

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Getting to the Core of Your Marketing Strategy

We’re often so busy working out how to market our business we forget to ensure we are marketing the right things!

 The information in this video is exactly the same process we work through with every one of our clients – to help them focus and make the most of their marketing.

 Take a look through, work through with with me, and then please do email me your findings.

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