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Social Media and Content

Social Media management starts with setting up all your social media platforms correctly. We help you keep your messages consistent and optimised. We can set up your social media sites and then train you on how to maintain them. We recommend a digital marketing strategy with full training. 

We prefer not to manage brands social media over a period of time, as we believe that in 99% of cases, the business owner, or an in-house team member can produce the most authentic voice for their business. We are happy to provide ongoing support to make this possible

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Social Media Set Up

Make sure your social media platforms are set up correctly. We load them with optimised content and then we ensure you have streamlined messaging across all your online real estate. We set everything up, ready to manage for you, or hand back to your team to run. Our chief focus is to improve your sales funnel creation, through clear brand messaging

Helping You Manage it Better

We’ll help you with setting up your posting and strategic activity, using clever apps, technology and marketing automation platforms. We’ll show you how to maximise your presence online, and support you with help and strategy for influencer campaigns, product launches, advertising and growing your fan base.

New Product Campaigns

Talk to us about your new product. We’ll listen and then create an engaging and attention drawing digital campaign. We will find new ways to evoke action, therefore highlighting your product. Our team is experienced in creating campaigns that raise brand awareness, using a mix of promoted ads, influencers, alliances and other media platforms.

E Books and Content Creation

Our experienced authors and designers collaborate with you to create e-books for lead generation and sale, that will reflect your core messages. We’ll create a stunning , downloadable product that has useful content. We’ll then match this with an engaging layout. We can either use your thoughts and ideas or work on your project completely from scratch. Use the finished products as give aways or to prospects, build your list and add value to existing clients.

We love to identify who you are, what you do, then help you tell that to the whole world.

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