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Do I need to think about keywords in my blogs?

You’ve just put up a blog and you’re excited to share your thoughts with the world. You think that a great content will naturally lead people to your site. Yes, they will. But do you know that there is so much more you can do to drive traffic to your blog?

Yes. There is.

One of the most important ways to boost site traffic is through search engines. That is why knowing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are very helpful. You have to make sure that when people search for your blog on Google, they will find it. How? Through keywords. With the use of the correct keywords, you’re helping search engines find you.
So how do you ensure that you’re using keywords to your site’s advantage? Here are some things you must remember:

  • Don’t overdo it. While keywords help your blog, you should not overdo it. Once you find the right search terms, avoid including them in every sentence. Keep your content natural and real. Remember, too much of anything is bad.
  • Add keywords in your title. There’s no better place to incorporate keywords than in your blog titles. But, make sure that adding it will not sacrifice the quality of your title.
  • Incorporate keywords in your image ALT tags. When uploading image to your blog post, you can also add alternate text which can help optimize your SEO. This is what you call ALT tag which search engines crawl into.
  • Keywords should be 2 to 4 word-long. Do not aim for single words because long-tail keywords generate organic search traffic. (I know it’s confusing but keyword is often referring to a PHRASE.
  • Spread out your keywords. Make sure that your keywords are included throughout your post. Another technique is to use keywords in the first part and towards the end of your article. Aim to include keywords in every 200 words.
  • Carefully choose your keywords. Think of search terms that your target readers are likely to look for. Use Google to your advantage by checking what people are searching for. By simply typing a word on Google, you will get suggested search terms based on its popularity.
  • Include keywords in your post’s URL. Incorporating keywords in your URL is strategic because when people see your URL on other posts and see the keyword, they know they’ll find what they’re looking for. Added to it is the fact that keywords in the URL appear in search results.

Creating blog posts while thinking of content and keywords at the same time can be challenging for some online businesses. However, with the right strategy in place, you will be able to balance your authenticity with ranking – two of the things which you should aim for when promoting an online content.

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