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Fix the Issues Fast for Growth

Fix the Issues Fast for Growth

If there is one thing I want any client or potential client to learn it’s to never fear mistakes but to learn from them, change from them, grow from them.

We’ve been operating as a business for seven months and have made our fair share of mistakes. Each one has meant we took stock, learnt and changed our processes or actions to better serve our team and our clients.

One of our “mistakes” was in our name. We are IDENTIFY – but my original website was

As we listened to the needs of our clients, and what they wanted, we heard they wanted “do-ers” – and so that’s what we gave them. It meant our name didn’t fit – so we needed a name that was closer to what we were for our marketing and SEO – We are now – beautifully designed by Tim and his team at Tango

Our first logo was one I had fashioned myself. This was a mistake for a growing business. It’s probably ok if you are operating as a sole trader, and have a small scope of clients (as long as it looks ok!) – but as we grew to a team of nine and began to want to protect our brand, we needed a logo that was just ours.

Thanks to Nardus (and his team) from Boom we ended up with a logo that reflects who we are, and is all ours.

Both of these “mistakes” made right came from me very quickly learning from my biggest mistake of all – to think I could do it all.

This time around, I practiced what I preached – and was far less hands-on with the process of each. When you have good talent, who do what they do every day, it’s best to trust them, and let them just get on with it.  Both Nardus and Tim pushed past my own thinking and came up with something that reflected who we are, but was more than what I could see.

I treat my team the same – every week I remind myself to trust their experience and knowledge in areas I can manage but not do as ably. Why double-do a task?

I’ve worked in businesses that have pretty much imploded because the owner of the business micro-managed, or exerted too much control over things they weren’t an expert in. I’ve worked in businesses that have flourished because the owner sticks to their own strengths and trusts their people to do good work.

Identify now has a beautiful new look, for a team who is doing incredible things.

We’re ready.

Rachel Goodchild is Managing Director of Identify.

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