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Four Google Adwords Mistakes You Could be Making

I’m a huge believer in not reinventing the wheel if the wheel is perfection itself – so when I read Anna Gervai’s blog on LinkedIn last week I asked her if I could repost it here.

I’ve summarised the four key points below. If you want to outsource your Google Adwords, Identify can help you prevent these four mistakes with management, but for those of you doing it yourself, I’ve linked up to Anna’s full blog with her excellent examples and detail.

Google Adwords are a great way to market your business – because you only pay for engagement. If they just look at your Ad and don’t click they’ll have seen you for free. Of course the point is to drive engagement to get them to move closer towards choosing you, but regardless, Adwords remains an excellent option for all business sizes.

no search term

Here are the four core mistakes even big companies make according to Anna:

1. You don’t use the search term in the advertisement – if the client is looking for it, they want to know you are meeting that express need without having to search for it once they’ve clicked

2. If they click you send them to the wrong place – If your ad answers a specific request, your landing page needs to too.

3. You waste using the URL to your best advantage – change it so it looks like or includes the search term

4. Your ad is not matched with a webpage that is selling the same thing – if you don’t provide a direct answer on the landing page or don’t actually stock that item, you’ve wasted a click, and you’ve annoyed a potential client.

If you think you might be guilty of one or more of these, you really need to read this article in full

The Four Worst Google Adwords Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb by Anna Gervai

And if you know this is something you need to get right, but it’s not you that should be doing it, get our team at Identify to manage it instead. Our virtual marketing agency can do all your marketing tasks – you get the benefit of a full service marketing department, doing what needs to be done, so you can do what you do best. 

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