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How to Get the Right Marketing Leads for your Business

Our marketing agency’s core purpose is to to help answer this question: “How to get the right leads for my business?” (for our current client’s businesses). It’s what makes people call us, and what makes people stay with us if we deliver (and we work really hard to make sure we do). It underpins all our marketing and sales strategy discussions.

You’ll Need Some Giving and Collecting in your Sales Strategy

There are a plethora of articles around how to use websites, digital marketing and content marketing to get useful leads for your business. They often work around the same type of principles. They say to give value to build trust or provide something with a potential lead needs to exchange an email or contact information for. Or keep in contact, and work out a rating system so you can tell they are engaged and are likely to buy from you.

This system works both online and in person (the ranking system, for instance, is a little like working on buyer behaviours and indicators during as sales meeting (checking out language, body language etc)

Online, it will likely include the use of a marketing automation platform (our preference as a lead generation agency is Active Campaign for small to medium businesses, but as long as it automates the right things it’s going to help you.)

What goes before these tips on improving lead generation?

What most articles miss out completely is how to truly answer that question of “How to get the RIGHT leads for my business?”

I’ve had marketing ventures for our company that have been tremendously successful in terms of activity and lead gen. The phone has rung off the hook. Appointments have been made. Proposals have been delivered.

However some of those times have resulted in us shifting off our long-term strategic plan for growth as we’ve chased, and then followed the wrong customers (for us – perhaps not for another agency)

Were they really effective in terms of results? Not really.

Make the message clear and targeted correctly

However, when I’ve had a message that is clear, and targeted the right type of client, the success in terms of adding to the business was positive and right on the money.

When we work with a client around creating lead generation marketing automation, they are often a little perturbed by the fact we start with pen and paper. (And some post-it notes!). Get down, on paper, your plan for who, why and what, before you just go and create. This helps you plan out the right activity to get you to where you are going.

If you really want to get the best leads for your business, it all starts with asking some super important questions.

These are questions that you can get a lead generation specialist  to help you work through. Alternatively you can work with your team. These questions look simple enough to work through on paper.  Maybe it’s just me, but even though I find it very easy to help my own clients get clarity around these things, doing it for your own business is really tricky. 

If you know you aren’t attracting the right clients, there is something in your messaging and current lead generation processes that is sending out the wrong message. If you are getting NO leads, then the message you have is either not being seen by the right people, or it’s not right either.

Five question to helps anyone wanting to get the right leads for their business

These are five of the questions I’d ask you:

  1. What are you selling? And by that, not what is EVERYTHING you are selling, but what are you selling that you want to see more sales in? Be specific as possible. (and before we go further – is it something that is profitable and you have the capacity to grow?)
  2. Who is your perfect customer? We always suggest to take clients you really love working with, and look at their persona – it’s not necessarily the size of business, or what sort of business. Rather it’s the people IN the business. People make the decision to choose your product or service, so think about who’ll be experiencing your marketing.
  3. What is your current sales process (and your time between initial contact to sale?). If you are growing mainly from word of mouth, you’ll often have a distorted view of how many leads you need to receive to convert to a new customer. Or you may have had huge success collecting leads, but many of them are not the right ones, and are distorting your numbers
  4. Where is your customer? What social media platforms do they use? (do they use them at all? ) People make the assumption we need to use digital marketing over all other forms. However, we have clients who still get huge success rates from targeting 65+ in newspapers for instance)
  5. How many clients do you actually need? And how long are you likely to have a relationship with them? This helps you work out your churn rate. And the value of each client over their time with you.

These are just a start to some of the questions you need to ask yourself to help get the right leads for your business that will give you the best return.

We work on these questions and more when working with clients to determine their marketing or sales strategy. It’s the detail here that makes the doing far more straightforward.

If you know you’d benefit from creating a more client focused marketing strategy, or sales training that helps you create a sales strategy, I’d really like to talk with you.

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