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Goodbye Rachel Goodchild

Goodbye Rachel Goodchild

I’m obsessed with names, and bylines. I’ll often read out the name of a business from a sign, and roll it around on my tongue, teasing it out and testing it. Does it fit with the business it’s promoting? What does it tell me?

My name Rachel Goodchild has served me well – especially in my years as a parenting writer, facilitator in Educational curriculum and leadership, and of course an easy comeback lead for every one hearing it for the first time “Oh so ARE you a good child then?” (And me cheerfully feigning surprise at their quick “original” comment.)

It was not my birth name, but it became my name. I was even more attached to it than the relationship it came with, keeping it after it ended ten years ago.

But I’ve said good bye to Rachel Goodchild.

Last week I became Rachel Klaver – the wife of an incredible man, who reminds me what GOOD is every day, who makes me laugh, challenges me, and with our daughters, is what drives my desire to build a strong and successful business.

So… Hello from Rachel Klaver.

I’m very pleased to meet you.

Rachel Klaver is managing director of Identify.

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