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Grow Your Business as a Member of Facebook Groups

If you’re wanting to grow your business as a member of Facebook groups, here’s some of the learning and lessons I’ve gained over the last few years of doing just that.
I sometimes see other business owners falling for exactly what I used to do (and, if I’m honest, still sometimes do!) in trying to use Facebook groups. The best is just wasting time and energy and not seeing a return. The worst is wanting people who have wanted to grow their business, get angry and frustrated (often because someone else is doing it better, and they want the same results)
It’s easy to feel like you are making headways when you try to grow your business as a member of Facebook groups. But I often think it’s a little like standing on the edge of Times Square in New York, trying to sell t-shirts on New Year’s Eve – it’s just a big no go. 
Yes, it’s tempting to gravitate to big, busy spaces and try to catch our clients there – be it online, or offline. The thing is,the busier the place (like a big online group for instance), the more people are going to be around you shouting out a noisier, cheaper solution. And YES it might not be better than yours, but it’s easier to hear and see.
Before you get stressed about how your output is affecting your input – and why you aren’t getting sales, or clients or whatever you need to grow your business STOP and THINK.

Are you a Member of the Right Facebook Groups?

Are the people you are displaying what you do to the people you actually should be doing business with?
Who are you wanting to attract?
And are they where you are?
Get this right first – before you invest your time, and energy anywhere.
I work primarily with larger small businesses. You have got to be ready to outsource part or all of your marketing to us – be able to afford our (very reasonable but still an investment for smaller businesses) prices. Yet I too sometimes get distracted by the hustle of chasing the people in micro businesses, when there are plenty of others perfect to look after them – and I’m not going to be the best fit.
So sometimes, while it’s FELT like I’ve been doing it right, it’s all been busy work. Please don’t fall for that if you are wanting to grow your business as a member of Facebook groups.


1. Where you fit in the market (top, middle, bottom)
2. Where your perfect target market lives (they may not all be heavily invested in Facebook for example)
3. How you can quieten the space around you, so your target market can clearly see you, and hear what you have to say.
Then – you’ll get the RIGHT leads, you’ll make the RIGHT connections and your business will grow.

My top tips to grow your business as a member of Facebook Groups

If facebook groups ARE the right place for you, and you sell SERVICES here are some helpful tips
1. Always start with giving in your heart – give your time, expertise and information generously before looking to sell
2. Understand some people (most people) may only want the free stuff – so give only what you are prepared to give away.
3. Trust the process.
4. Respect the people you connect with – don’t push for a sale
5. Never PM anyone without their explicit permission – allow them to make the first move (it’s a bit like dating :P)
6. Feel free to cut loose anyone who excessively asks for free information – 95% of people respect your time and energy, but have boundaries with those who do not
7. Have a system in place for building relationships (like a CRM, or at best a diary)
8. DO spend more time with people who fit your target persona
9. If it’s stressing you out, making you anxious – take a break. Anxiety or stress doesn’t make good posts.
10. PLEASE make sure you follow the rules of the group you are in. Otherwise you just piss everyone else off.
That’s my wee bit of wisdom for today. Hope it helps!
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