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Snag Tights Marketing

How Snag Tights are KILLING IT in terms of their marketing and brand

I first saw Snag Tights when I was on Facebook. It came up as a Facebook ad. Snag Tights are thick tights, great for winter, and they come at a huge number of colours and they come in a broad range of sizes. And I thought they were great but I was like ‘I don’t know if they’re gonna fit me’. I haven’t had great luck with tights. So, I thought ‘oh they look great’ but that was it.


It definitely works. It definitely got my attention and I remembered it. They are based in the UK, however they are targeting other countries including New Zealand and I got their ad because I fit their target market. So that was a big plus. Facebook advertising definitely works to increase your market and draw attention to people.


People started mentioning them in Facebook groups. So I started getting people who would ask ‘oh you know does anyone know any tights? What will tights would be great?’ And people started to talk about them. I started to begin to trust that they were a great brand.They have a good product and good customer service which is really key. People would talk about them and talk about them favourably which built that suggestion that maybe I should buy them.


But I still wasn’t quite ready. What really got me committed was someone I trusted (@EVIEKEMP ) put them on Instagram and talked about how much she loved them and put a photo of them on her and I immediately could see that a real life person that I know loved them and thought they were great and I trusted that person enough to then jump onto their website to start shopping and buying them.


The website was very easy to use. They made it very simple to understand what size you needed to buy. They made it really clear what the colors were and how the process was and so it was a very easy thing for me to do. There were no hiccups when getting to the website and getting frustrated which was a huge plus. People often forget this. A website that considers the user is a beautiful thing!


Not only did they arrive fast, but they were also wrapped in tissue paper each one, each pair, and then they were also packaged in a paper ba. In today’s market not using plastic was a major plus for me. So much so that I loved them and I lovde the packaging and took a photo of it for Instagram.


I tagged them in the Instagram story and my Instagram post and said that I really liked them and they responded and said ‘thank you’. The brand took the time to say thank you for me putting their brand up and so many brands miss this point of actually interacting with their customers directly. It’s the benefit of using social media and it works so well.


they are truly a great product. They really are amazing tights. They are literally the most comfortable tights have ever bought. It’s not enough to just have great customer service and great marketing and all those bits and pieces if your product doesn’t stack up. Their products do stack up. So it means that people feel confident they have put their own name behind it and tell people it’s great because it’s a great product.


There’s an ongoing opportunity for them to grow. From my little post on Instagram four other people already have said that they’ve gone and bought time from my post. I’m not an influencer. I’ve only got less than a thousand followers but people trust other people they know.

So here’s some things about e-commerce that we need to learn from.

  • Use Facebook ads effectively to capture people’s attention.
  • Use word of mouth.
  • Encourage the word of mouth.
  • Always package things in a way that’s gonna be appealing to your audience.
  • Thank them when they post about you and…
  • in the end of the day you still need to have a really great product. Otherwise people aren’t going to talk about you.

Rachel Klaver is a marketing strategist, thinker, writer and presenter. She co-ownsIdentify — a marketing agency focussed on human-to-human marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and effective social media advertising and promotion

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