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Small Business Owner: How to beat your fear of video

I totally get it. Being in front of a camera to promote your business isn’t…

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8 ways for small business owners to manage marketing overwhelm

I want to let you in on a little secret. Marketing sometimes feels very overwhelming…

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Helping small business owners move from side hustle to serious small business in New Zealand

Is your Side Hustle turning into something more serious? Here’s the next step.

We’re the land of number eight wire and it’s that deeply ingrained entrepreneurial spirit which…

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Did you know FAQs can help you convert customers? Here’s how.

One of the first things you learn in sales is how to deal with objections.…

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‘Burnt chop syndrome’ – what is it and what on earth does it have to do with the success of your business?

Clients always come first in business, right? Well, actually, no. Not when it’s at the…

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Steps to creating meaningful automations

You know the saying, with great power comes great responsibility. The same is true with…

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At What Stage in the Customer Journey Should You Use Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation can help you at each stage of your customer journey - from the…

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Why I Love Marketing Automation

Before we jump into how to make marketing automation work for your business and what’s…

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Here’s the ‘reel’ scoop on Instagram’s newest feature

I need to warn you about Reels, a new feature on Instagram that shows a…

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Tracey Morgan from Squoodles talking about Identify Marketing


How Squoodles Doubled Sales by Trusting Identify Marketing's Expertise and Vision The Challenge: Time to…

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Teresa Watkins from Monster Creative talking about Identify Marketing


How Automations Moved Creative Monster's Teresa Watkins From Feeling Like a Failure to Achieving Sales…

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Build Your Stage: How to take charge of building your personal brand for your business

In this world of influencers and famous people that we all follow on the internet,…

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A Transformation From Confused to Confident and Independent Liz Oldfield   Owner of Milly's  …

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Narrow the Arrow: Finding customers who will choose you and buy from you

Out of all of the ways we can make big gains for our clients, the…

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How to Get More Sales From Leads This Year

I speak to a lot of people and when I ask them ‘do you love…

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Identify helps any small business says Emily from Plazmart


From Chaotic Hard Work to Calm Confidence and Increased Profits Emily Anderson  owner of Plazmart…

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Interesting and Effective Social Media for Boring Businesses

I have been involved in social media, in many different forms, for years and years.…

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Growing a tourism business in New Zealand post covid

8 steps to thrive as a tourism business in New Zealand in a Post Covid19 world

There’s no question that tourism businesses in New Zealand have taken one of the hardest…

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How to get more sales for your online store in New Zealand

The five core areas to focus on if you want to increase your ECommerce sales

I love buying things from you. I get a real thrill looking at your websites…

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