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Learn How to Write Effective Sales Copy for Selling Online

Want to write effective sales copy for selling online? While there is talent behind the world’s top copywriter’s work, there is also a lot of skill that comes from practice, and some good old fashioned formulas for making it all work well.

How can you make your salescopy stand out? Here are some tips to make sure it grabs your readers’ attention and possibly, inspire them to do what you intend them to do:

  1. Use catchy headlines. When writing copy, the headline is the first thing your readers will see. Therefore, it is one of the most important parts of your letter. The headline alone should be able to grab your readers’ attention. Otherwise, they will not read the rest of your letter. An attention-grabbing headline is one that offer results right away.
  2. Connect with your readers emotionally. You can do this by using an emotional hook at the opening of your sales letter. Talk about their current challenges or pain and then make them visualize a better future. This way, you allowed them to forget about their problem and instead focus on something more positive – pleasure.
  3. Make them think about their problem. After connecting with them emotionally and letting them avoid their problem for a while, go back to what they actually need and what is preventing them from achieving what they really want. People want to read about solutions and you have to be able to show them how you can help them solve their problems. No need to introduce the product here yet. Focus on their needs first.
  4. Present yourself as a credible resource. Subtly introduce yourself – what you can do for them and how much you understand what they’re going through. You can even relate their current problem with your previous experiences and your failed attempts to solve them in the past. Establish your credibility by explaining to your readers why they should listen to you and what makes you an expert.
  5. Introduce the solution. Now that the reader knows who you are, reveal what your solution is to the their problem. Explain its features, uses, benefits, and advantages over other alternatives. Make the reader appreciate the uniqueness of the solution you’re presenting
  6. Know who you are talking to. It’s important to create compelling content but it’s even more important to know who you’re writing the letter for. Qualify your readers and show that you understand them by directly talking to them
  7. Wrap up with a compelling call to action. Inspire your readers to take the next step by providing them with a call to action. It can be by asking them to click, send an email, or share on social media among others. To make it harder for them to refuse, provide them with an additional benefit
  8. Give them an offer that’s hard to refuse. If your readers are having doubts, it’s best to give them an irresistible offer to help them decide. It can be in the form of a discount, a limited time offer, or a freebie. You can also guarantee your offer in the form of money back guarantee or satisfaction guarantee to make them feel you value them.
  9. Add testimonials. Prove to your readers that your product is great or your service is amazing by including written testimonials from previous customers. This adds to the credibility of your business.
  10. End the letter on a positive note. Make your readers remember you in a nice way by wrapping up your letter with a reassuring tone and by telling them you’re excited to hear from them.

Sales copy, when written properly, can be powerful tools to close a business deal or increase interest for your new products or services. So create one that’s effective, relatable, and compelling at the same time.

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