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We suggest one to two sessions, depending on your team, your long term goals, and how consultative you are as a company.

In our first session we will determine the company’s core values and messaging. This will help determine the marketing positioning, targeting and activity moving on.

In the second session we’ll take those core values and messaging and create a plan to embed them within all of the key tasks, and culture of your organisation. We look at your marketing materials, and create specific messaging that reflects your core values.

The team will work with Identify to eliminate all the values your company does NOT have, then drill down to determine an expected of three to six core values that will help refine the company’s messaging. This is also a key time to check in with where the company is heading, what the currently capacity for growth is, and how to ensure the client moves to attract the ideal target client (and who that is).

It is recommended key decision makers are at this session plus any key staff who may need to sell this messaging to potential and existing clients


  • Identifying the ideal client (persona)
  • Identifying the current core values/messaging both internally and externally and whether it’s all agreed upon.
  • Core values sifted, selected, and defined
  • Messaging relating to core values defined
  • Suggestions around branding and how it reflects your values
  • Development of key messaging
  • Strategic overview of where you are heading (from a growth perspective)

We can work with you in-house, anywhere in New Zealand

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sales and marketing training and marketing consulting in Auckland with Identify Marketing , Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand

We love to identify who you are, what you do, then make everyone else want to know and understand that too.

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