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Digital marketing training will help you find new customers, and build an online audience.

Your business may be bricks and mortar, but people are using online methods to find it. Or you’ve got a great e-commerce brand and you need people to find you, remember you and buy from you.

We’re experts in digital marketing training for Kiwi businesses. We understand what you need, and how to fit your digital marketing needs alongside running your business. When we train you, we’re sharing the up to date knowledge we apply to our client’s work every day. Your trainers are also our account managers. Everything we teach you is something we’ve tested and seen success with.

As we work through your digital marketing training, we take into account all your other marketing, ensuring it all fits together.

Every session comes with a workbook for you to fill out, and free access to our online digital marketing course (worth $297), to help you cement your personalised learning

We can work with you at your place of work anywhere in NZ, or in our offices in Orewa.

sales and marketing training and marketing consulting in Auckland with Identify Marketing , Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand

What you’ll cover:

  • Feedback on your current social media activity
  • A “how-to” to planning out your activity
  • Training in how to use business manager, and ad manager on facebook
  • The three types of ads you’ll need to run
  • How to create an effective sales funnel on Facebook using advertising
  • An insight into targeting and segmenting audiences
  • How Facebook works with Google Adwords
  • Using Instagram – planning your look and feel
  • Optimising your time and strategy for growth
  • Ideas on how to grow your mailing list
  • How advertising works with your website.
  • More confidence in using digital marketing effectively
  • And more
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We love to identify who you are, what you do, then make everyone else want to know and understand that too.

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