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You know you need more sales.  You know you need to meet with clients (be it online or offline) and see them choose to work with you. Let us help you define what you sell, who you will sell to, and how you will sell it.

We’ll work with you to help you create sales targets you can achieve, and a simple process to follow, using a mix of face to face selling and marketing automation. Learn how to sell confidently, build the relationship, and close those deals, tying it all in with an effective marketing strategy.

Selling should feel easy!

We specialise in working with individual business owners and small teams who have “fallen into” sales, and need to love it – but are not sure where to get started.

We can help you

  • Create a strategy
  • Learn easy sales techniques
  • Create effective sales habits
  • Have support and ongoing coaching
  • Meet targets
  • Sell the right things to the right targets
  • Make the most of your precious time

We want you to like selling in order to grow your business!

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sales and marketing training and marketing consulting in Auckland with Identify Marketing , Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand

We love to identify who you are, what you do, then make everyone else want to know and understand that too.

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