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Strip back the noise, clear your head, download your ideas and knowledge and then get a straight, clear plan for growth. Our team are experienced at helping you get your marketing strategy right. We want to take your ideas, and then find a plan forward. We’ll take into account your constraints, pain points and your long term goals. We’ll help you eradicate barriers, so you can reach those big targets.

Below are our core services. We are able to create a bespoke programme for you, to meet your express needs. Whether you need a marketing strategy, or training in a specific marketing skill, we’re ready to help.

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sales and marketing training and marketing consulting in Auckland with Identify Marketing , Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand

Marketing Planning

We’ll sit down and listen to what you do, and how you currently communicate that to your target market.  (and what kind of marketing strategy you’ve used in the past) We’ll then work collaboratively with you to help you identify what key messages. We’ll determine what information your brand needs to emit to attract the right type of clients.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can cut through wasted time and resources to help your business run better (and those all important qualified leads come in.) We’ll help you determine your marketing strategy and proposition. We’ll then support you through the onboarding and implementation to get your business working better.


The Customer’s Path

Work with us to map out the journey each client takes to your door (and beyond). We’ll help you work out what you need to do at each step, including how to score activity. We’ll ensure your customers receive the right messages at their personal stage in the journey. This information can be used for marketing automation, as well as improving sales processes, and internal business process, and of course- directing your overall marketing strategy.


Brand Values and Messaging

No matter how good your marketing strategy is, if there are culture and communication issues, your business won’t grow. Define who you are, what you stand for and how this reflects your core offering to your clients. We’ll help with training and consult around brand values and messaging. We’ll work with you to define the key values of your business. We’ll crosscheck these reflect your business activity, and company culture. From this we will help you define the core messaging around your business, that can be used both internally and externally to drive culture, growth, and keep everyone focussed.


Sales Strategy and Training

Define what you sell, who you will sell to, and how you will sell it. We’ll work with you to help you create sales targets you can achieve, and a simple process to follow, using a mix of face to face selling and marketing automation. Learn how to sell confidently, build the relationship, and close those deals, tying it all in with an effective marketing strategy.


Digital Training

Learn how to best use core social media platforms to improve your marketing (and see better return of investment in digital advertising). We’ll teach you how to effectively use facebook ad and business manager, target to the correct audience, and how to create and curate your social media accounts. (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more). We know effective digital activity is essential for the implementation of most marketing strategies in today’s businesses. We’ll help you get up to speed.


We love to identify who you are, what you do, then make everyone else want to know and understand that too.

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