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To create the customer journey, we’ll get you to walk the path your customer will take from initial awareness to purchase, and then retainment. We’ll document all existing marketing activity, and suggest changes to optimise current activity.

We’ll also recommend other forms of marketing that will deliver the marketing qualified leads you need.

We’ll then take a look at all the actions to consider from their first core point of contact (either on a website, or in store. ), creating planned flows of bespoke marketing automations and campaigns to increase touch points. This includes nurturing your contacts and working out where you need landing pages, and marketing collateral such as e-books, courses or infographics.

The completed journey will look at fitting your marketing/sales and nurturing process with the target audience and your current (and future resources)

We can work with you at your place of work anywhere in NZ, or in our offices in Orewa.

We ask for two meetings: one strategy meeting, and a second meeting to take you through the journey with us.

sales and marketing training and marketing consulting in Auckland with Identify Marketing , Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand

What you’ll cover:

  • Defining your target customer personas
  • Recording all existing marketing and sales activity
  • Connecting activity together to map out a sequence and define relationships
  • Suggesting new and alternative avenues to get improved results
  • Demonstrating for this fits into the “big” picture
  • Determining gaps in resource and functionality
  • Working through priorities in relation to budget and time and skill resource
  • Identifying what can be automated
  • How to use this in future
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We love to identify who you are, what you do, then make everyone else want to know and understand that too.

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