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Why we love working with Active Campaign

Active Campaign is our favourite marketing automation tool for small to medium businesses in New Zealand. (and beyond.) We became consultants in it in 2017, after we personally trialed it for a year for our own business.

Active Campaign isn’t a monolith platform that tries to do everything.  Instead, it focuses on what it does best – helping you develop great relationships with contacts, leads, prospects and clients (and’ we’ve found – your team!) without you needing to spend hours every week doing work that is easily automated.

There are many ways you can use Active Campaign for your business.

If you’ve got an E-Commerce business, download this helpful E-Book

For me personally, my favourite reason for Active campaign is how simple it is to set up a nurture sequence, taking someone from initial interest, right through to a loyal customer.

It’s an incredibly flexible solution – that can be customised to what your business needs. You get to make it fit how your business works rather than try to get your business to fit the platform.

We’ve found that it makes sales feel easy, and really straightforward – they feel like they almost come in by magic!

Of course you can’t just join then wait!

Here are a few steps we’d encourage you to take:

  1. Carefully map out where you want to take your prospects as they move towards your customers

  2. Also carefully map out how you want to look after your current customers

  3. Create a plan from this that shows what you could automate

  4. Make sure your existing contact lists are clean, up to date, and are categorised in the best way for you to be able to contact the people in them in the right way, at the right time.

  5. Create beautiful email templates and forms

  6. Write compelling copy (the tool is only as good as the content inside it)


We would love to help you with your Active Campaign set up, and make sure it fits best for your business.

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