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Need Marketing Help? Be prepared to answer these questions.

Need Marketing Help? Be prepared to answer these questions.

We often get clients approaching us to get immediate results, often because they’ve suddenly gone quiet, or they are getting worried about how busy they are. 

The unfortunate truth is most marketing does take a wee while before you see a result. Especially if you’ve neglected marketing for a while, or you’ve got blocks in your business that prevent a consistent message from going out. A good agency will help find the holes in your message, and help you work out how to fix them. This can take some time. 

Of course, if you are in a rush there are some things that do get you a quick return, if you’ve lined everything up (Google Adwords can deliver qualified leads almost immediately IF you know what your point of difference is, and you have a great call to action/landing page)

But for most people, seeing results from a marketing program may take anywhere from 3-6 months to gain momentum. This is often because one area of your marketing integrates with another, and effective marketing is ensuring all your messages line up.

If you need results fast, you can help by being prepared. You can ask yourself some questions, you can well-equip your agency to quickly start generating increased awareness and eventual revenue for your business.

(We provide a service where we write this plan with you, for those who need it. This is eligible for funding through NZTE. We provide this whether we ever work with you on implementation or not, and can help you find areas to save money.)

Your agency is going to need to know some specifics about your background, your business, targets, goals, demographics, hopes, fears and more.

So ask yourself:

What are you after?

– What you want help with; building awareness, gaining qualified leads, getting coverage by media, press releases written, distributed and followed up or assistance with blogs or social media, advertising or promotions or something else entirely?

TIP: Keep an open mind, often it is what you don’t know you need that will make the difference to your business.

What makes you, you?

A PR agency should be as involved and informed about everything that pertains to your company otherwise they can’t utilise opportunities to your best advantage.

– What is your unique point of difference?

– Who is your target customer?

– What are your brand colours, fonts and taglines?

– Do you have imagery, logos, a list of previous coverage you have had?

– Do you have a list of media you have already been in touch or worked with?

– What opportunities, events, key times or anniversaries for your business will there be over the next 12 months?

TIP: Collect as much information about your brand as possible, better to have it and not need it.

Take a look at your Website

Your website is the foundation of your online presence and it’s important that it clearly and effectively communicates your brand identity.

– Who did your website?

– What platform it is hosted on?

– Who provides your emails?

– Do you have a blog?

– Who is in charge of it?

– Who decides the topics?

– Do you have a planner?

– How often do you update?

– Where do you source information and imagery?

– What response have you had?

– Do you have Adwords?

– Do you have SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

TIP: Be prepared for the Agency to make suggestions for the improvement of your site, especially in regards to optimising Search Engine Optimisation and imagery to appeal to media.

Take a look at your Social Media

Prepare to trust your agency to do what they do best. You are an expert on your company, your customers and the products and services that you offer, but they are experts at crafting and delivering messages that will present your business to the market in a positive and creative way.

– What social media do you have?

– What are their logins?

– Who is in charge of them?

– Do you have a planner?

– When did you start them?

– How often do you update?

– Where do you source information and imagery?

– Do you have a plan or goal for social media in mind?

– Do you pay for boosting or run ads?

– What response have you had?

TIP: There will be times that you will be out of your comfort zone by what they suggest, but try to be flexible.


– Have you done advertising in the past?

– Where, when, why and for how much?

– Who did the advert for you?

– What response did you have?

– Did you get any added value? If so, what?

– Do you plan to continue to advertise?

– Where, when, why and for how much?

Remember results from marketing and PR don’t always happen overnight, but by providing your agency with everything they need to lay a sturdy foundation, you are enabling them to further progress a great future for your business.

And if your agency isn’t asking questions like these? You need to find someone who does. 

Rachel Klaver is managing director of Identify.

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