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Our Team

Hi there! We’re Rachel and Rod Klaver, the founders and owners of Identify.

We’re chalk and cheese in our skills sets but we share the same values of keeping things simple, talking in plain language, delivering what we promise, and adding value to everything we do.

Our focus at Identify is to help you run your own marketing more confidently. With a small team we tend to wear more than one hat, but we all work in our best areas, so that we give you the best results.

Know you need something to change in your marketing? We’re here to help. We’ll help you work out if we’re the best fit for your business.

Rachel Klaver

Marketing Strategist and Coach

If you want to become more confident with your marketing, especially on “showing up” more and building a personal brand for your business then Rachel’s your person. After working with hundreds of small business owners, she has an immense catalogue of past ideas, experiences and ideas that she can pull from to create your custom plan.

Be warned – work with her and you’re likely to hear some of her catch phrases such as “You can’t kill a man with your face” and “Be a goat in a tree.”

Rachel also oversees the creative direction and content for our regular clients, and facebook advertising set up. She is also addicted to marketing parody songs and Tiktok

Listen and Subscribe to her podcast MAP IT Marketing here

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You can read her columns on STUFF here

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Rod Klaver

ZOHO CRM partner and Active Campaign Consultant

Our clients say they love how Rod asks the right questions and gets what they need laid out carefully so he can then set up their marketing automation and CRM the way they need it. After working with large corporates ( in retail, finance and other areas), Rod really enjoys putting his extensive project management experience to use, working with our wide range of clients.

Rod quietly and carefully leads you through how to use Active Campaign or the ZOHO products (mainly ZOHO CRM/ PLUS and ONE) once he’s set it up for you. He’s a certified ZOHO partner, certified Active Campaign consultant and Google Adwords Partner. Rod’s also our finance guy, and helps turn Rachel’s “big ideas” into actionable reality.


Tracey Hazelwood

Digital Advertising

Our Kiwi born, Australian based, facebook ads expert helps us best target our advertising for our clients wanting to attract new customers in Australia. Tracey creates ecommerce sales funnels, using some of the expertise she’s gained from running her own successful ecommerce and wholesale business.

Tracey also has a strength in helping locally based businesses, especially in service type industries increase enquiries and leads with both Facebook ads and google adwords

Tracey has a lovely calm manner when it comes to nutting out how to make your ads work better, and get better results

We also have a range of trusted developers, and specialists we use behind the scenes to help our team deliver work for you.

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