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Posting on Facebook Business Pages: What not to do, and what works.

Someone approached me yesterday, asking me whether a deal they’d been offered by a “social media” company offering posting on facebook business pages was a good one.

On the face of it, it looked great.

You get a monthly newsletter, three posts a week on social media sites and some other things. It was super cheap too – so it’s an easy thing to slide into your budget. You could pop it in, and not even make a dent in your costs. It was THAT GOOD.

My personal opinion, however, is EVERY DOLLAR IS PRECIOUS. So I don’t care how cheap something is – if it’s something I’m paying for, it’s got to be something that works. I work hard for my money.

I treat our clients’ money carefully too. So any offer that they show me has to be something I’d spend money on.

So I went in and had a look at the company’s clients and then wrote the following (have changed some of it so you can’t identify the company.)

However, it highlights what is good practice when posting on business facebook pages, and what you should look out for.

My reaction after checking it out was that it was an expensive offer even if it was FREE – Because it was not something I would ever allow my clients to do. Bad marketing is worse than no marketing at all.

Here’s Why I Could Not Recommend them for Posting on Facebook Business Pages

  1. I followed the linked accounts they had provided as examples. One of them is getting the regular posts but they are just a one sentence comment and a link with NO PHOTO.

This is a HUGE no no on Facebook. It’s become a hugely pictorial platform and nothing that is text only will get shared. Plus anyone coming to that page (should they do a search, though many of her clients are not big so are not showing up easily in search.- they need to have a certain number of likes)

  1. They offer facebook page set up but do not optimise for search, for SEO or set them up as fully as they should be to market the business. They add a cover photo, a name, contact details and then that’s it
  2. The images for some articles showed up on one account. However, all of the links were popped on with just a generic comment about the article. Engagement levels were super low.
  3. There are no growth strategies being employed to build the audience or attract new clients.

The above is EXACTLY what Facebook is cracking down on- noise that does nothing to contribute to Facebook. So all these pages will be penalised by Facebook if they continue to post in such a way.

I’d personally rather a business didn’t even bother than do something that wastes time, effort and that precious profit. It’s just a vanity measure, doing it because it looks like you are doing SOMETHING when in fact, you are doing nothing that adds value.

If a business is going to pay someone to do their facebook this is the BARE MINIMUM that should be expected

  1. Posts that show personality, and feel like connection when reading. Most people are scrolling through and you need to catch their eye
  2. Posts that encourage conversation, and show why the article was chosen. Instead of a one-liner, people want conversation and insight
  3. Posts that reflect the culture of the place.
  4. Posts that are beautiful – and look aesthetically pleasing.
  5. If you do link to news stories, do so as they happen, live – Facebook’s algorithm knows it’s live and is more likely to push it out.

What we see gets best results for posting on Facebook Business Pages

  • A planned schedule with themes/a plan for different days
  • Image-rich posts that evoke a reaction
  • Links to your own blogs and professional insight
  • People. Culture talk, personal talk, connection
  • Spontaneous posts related to the day’s news (as long as they are also connected to you in some way, such as it’s your niche, or a client etc.


  1. Facebook groups for engagement and community building (make it a niche, make it well regulated, and contribute personalised information)
  2. Full online sales funnel of at least  three types of Facebook ads, utilising a Facebook pixel to retarget visitors
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