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Reasons NZ Businesses Should Consider ZOHO ONE or ZOHO CRM for their business

When choosing a CRM / marketing automation solution for you business, it’s really important to take a look at what your requirements are before just selecting the one that’s in front of you. We use Zoho CRM or Zoho One for some of the businesses that we work with, when we know it’s the best fit for them. Our criteria is always to “listen first” so we do make sure it’s a fit before recommending it.

We do find it does suit a wide range of business types and stages. We see the biggest gains with those who are quite well established, have a really strong customer service ethic and want to grow their business with better visibility without having to pay a huge amount of money for the tools needed to do that.

With that in mind, here’s my top eight reasons why New Zealand small to medium businesses should consider using Zoho CRM or Zoho One.

  1. It’s Very Good Value

It’s great value for what it offers. It really is a one size fits all or fits most solution because it has so many different applications and options that you can create and modify for your business. It is a lot cheaper than using similar levels of CRM and tools such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce CRM, or the paid version of Hubspot, and therefore is a much more economical way for businesses to really use some major hard hitting tools without having to break the bank. As an agency who looks at better ways to keep the profit within your business, we see this as a huge asset.

2. It’s Easily Customised.

The flexibility of ZOHO CRM and the full ZOHO ONE suite is broad. We can make it fit the needs of your business. There’s many ways you can customize the fields and customize reporting and customize the set up to make it really fit your business.. It’s not really a thing that you just used to plonk down and just slot your business into it. You really can evolve it around the way you need your business to run.

3. It’s a Rapidly Evolving and Developing Platform

Zoho is always evolving and developing. Because they’ve got a large development team and they’re working on lots of different areas, they’re always pushing the boundaries and trying to add new features and new information. It does mean that sometimes when there’s a brand new feature that one hasn’t been fully worked through but the ones that are standard are working supremely well. As things are always changing and developing if there’s something you particularly need it’s likely that it’s going to come up as something that you can use later on. (and until it’s standard, there is always the option of custom building an add on solution.)

4. It’s Intuitive, Fast and Easy to use.

Zoho uses artificial intelligence and to help you learn how to use it better within your business. One of my favourite little features in Zoho Social, for example, is it helps tell you when it’s the best time to post to get the most engagement and helps you really understand those things. In Sales, it provides you with the best time to call someone or email someone to get the best results in terms of response. So I love that little way that it uses different artificial intelligence. It’s easy to use with many apps that you can use on your phones, so you can use it on the go.

5. It Integrates and Talks Across The Different Solutions

Things work together so you’re not just using one solution for part of your business. You’re able to use a range of different Zoho solutions across your business that are talking to each other to help everything work well. Because they’re designed under the one model they tend to integrate very well and that means that they’re seamless integrated. You’re not having to spend ages for things that break easily, it just automatically happens which is great.

6. It’s Cloud Based

As a Cloud based solution, you can use it on the go but also if you’ve got a geographically diverse team you can use it without feeling like you’re hooked into anything. Obviously having the cloud also means you’re not having to worry about big storage features and it’s got a lovely secure base to help that happen.7. It Simplifies Your Business.

Zoho reduces the need for a wide range of different solutions that need to connect with each other. As Zoho ONE has over 40 apps and solutions in it, you don’t need to have a lot of different platforms that you somehow have to make work together, with some of them not sharing the information across all the areas.

We recently worked with a business where we reduced the platforms and solutions that we’re using from 7 to just 2- Zoho and Xero. It’s really effective for reducing the amount of work you’ve got to do to get two or three or four or five things to talk to each other. And it also reduces the issue of information being lost or things missing out in different stages and parts of your business.

8. It’s Very Secure

Keeping your data safe is essential. Zoho uses secure practices including two -factor authentication and other factors to help it be a nice secure platform preventing risk to your business as you move forward.

If you’re a New Zealand business on the hunt for a robust and effective CRM on a par with Dynamics or Salesforce, or MYOB Enterprise, you should consider using Zoho CRM or Zoho One as an alternative option. If you’re serious about getting a real visibility on your data, improving the way you do business, and improving the way that you measure and nurture sales, integrate your marketing and generally just run your business more effectively.

We love using it ourselves, and we’d love to talk to you if you feel it might be a fit for your business. We’ll have a listen to what you need, and help you determine whether it’s going to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for.

Rachel Klaver is the chief marketing strategist for Identify Marketing. She’s going to suggest you go HERE and book in an initial time to chat with Rod Klaver about ZOHO and whether it’s possibly a fit. (It’s a short time to just clarify any questions you might have. We’ll need to schedule a longer meeting should that fit post this initial call. ). OR — Sign up for a free TRIAL

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