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Are you using the right social media marketing tools for your business?

When I sit down with a business owner to plan their digital marketing, we spend as much time as possible on social media marketing tools and systems. Implementing the right tools and processes will free up a business owner to focus on other things.

If your marketing is not automated or efficient, book in a free chat with me and let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on.

1. Zapier – for your social media marketing genius

More and more of our essential business tools are based in the cloud – which is great!  However, no one system does it all…leaving us with a bunch of online tools that don’t talk to each other and can’t capture the end to end experience of your client or customer.


Real talk: designing processes where one person is essential to ensure it runs successfully is not a great process.

Zapier allows you to map actions between your systems and create a full picture of what’s going in your business – it doesn’t get much better than that!


2. ActiveCampaign – more than just for email marketing

There are so many CRMs out there – the basic ones are cheap but don’t add much value beyond a record of clients/leads and who owns them.

And the premium CRMs are cost prohibitive for small businesses and require expensive training just to get going.

That’s where ActiveCampaign really comes into it’s own.

Do you sell online?

Do you want to send your customers emails based on their purchase of products?  Or after they visit specific pages on your website?   Maybe follow up with an email if they haven’t shopped with you in a while?  This can all be automated quickly in ActiveCampaign.

How about professional services?

Do you need to manage a pipeline that integrates with your proposal software and assigns a lead automatically and assigns a value?  Easy.

Are you juggling phone calls and emails from potential clients with no clear system to manage information or assign clients to the right person? A 2-minute job to set up.

Working across teams.  Do you need your team to be reminded to complete tasks, update contacts or manage clients?  It does that too.

And if you use GSuite all of your emails are saved in ActiveCampaign making it easy for multiple team members to pick up a client. They can then move forward with agreed tasks with a complete contact history.  No more forwarding emails!

Price wise ActiveCampaign is comparable to MailChimp beginning from $9 per month.

And, we’re NZ’s Active Campaign Agency – want to automate? We’d like to talk

3. Grum – scheduling your Instagram posts

The key to effective social media marketing is planning. It’s easily done on Facebook but not so much on Instagram.   Small businesses often don’t have a dedicated resource when it comes to social media marketing. So it can be the first thing to fall over when things get busy.Some apps allow you to plan your posts and even remind you when you do the posting….but that’s not really efficient is it?

Grum is a paid service that allows you to post from any device and schedule your posts to go live at whatever time you select.

At less than $10USD per month your business can dedicate an hour per week to your Instagram posts and then walk away to concentrate on other business-critical tasks – bargain!


4. Canva- the amazing social media marketing tool

If you are running social media for a business or blog, and you aren’t a Photoshop expert, then meet Canva, your new best friend.

We know that many small businesses have multiple people creating content and the beauty of Canva is in its brand guidelines.  Simply select your brand colours and font. Now no matter who is assigned to creating graphics – they will always be on brand. Your social media marketing will be on point!

Canva includes free stock imagery as well as paid. You can upload your own imagery and logos to ensure your look and feel is always unique & consistent.  Still struggling? Take our short course for only $19

Not sure which systems are for you?

If you want to chat about how to tighten up your marketing automation or digital marketing approach, book in a free 15min chat with me here

Or – if you know you just want someone to do this all for you  – we’d love to help

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