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Six Essential Tips to Help Grow Your Business

Six Essential Tips to Help Grow Your Business

I’ve become good at sniffing them out – I’m sure you’re not one of them – the business who believes they should be known as the best, but they are not, and it’s all their fault.

Of course, many businesses are not appreciated for who they are simply because their owner and team have been so busy do-ing, they forget to spend time on the telling. We work a lot with this type of business – and it’s a huge pleasure. Once they realise they need to grow more, and implement change, it’s easy to see success.

There is this other type of business that’s underrated, and the main issue is they are often this way because the business owner or manager themselves is saying on one hand they are the best, but on the other, completely undermining this with their actions. These businesses often get frustrated with marketing, or says it doesn’t work, and it’s a waste of time and money.

If you want your business to grow, here are six make or break tips businesses ignore:

1. Make sure what you do, and what you say you do is the same. If you provide quality care, your marketing needs to be quality. If your offering is meant to be easy, then your website better feel easy too! Make your marketing consistent with your offering. And if your offering is worse than your marketing – this is also destructive.

2. Expect to have to spend money somewhere. I’m a firm believer in every dollar is precious, but I’m also an advocate in “a marketing strategy that makes more than it cost is effectively free”.  You will need to spend money. However – be diligent, get quotes, and measure everything you spend money on to check the return.

3. Get over the fact digital media platforms are businesses. They aren’t about helping you for free (though of course they do offer some free elements). They are about making money while you use them to make money.

4. Whatever you do, do it consistently. If you don’t have the time to manage a consistent approach, get someone else to run that part of the business for you.

5. Make sure everything you do is integrated. Marketing campaigns bomb if you use just one platform at a time – everything can be, and should be connected. Google ads take someone to your website, where Facebook takes their info and markets to them there, where they find your page and are encouraged to call, or some other similar combination. Make technology work for you.

6. Always, always, always think about your customer before thinking about yourself – do you make it easy for them build trust? Do they know how to get hold of you, do they understand you?

I often find a business that says they want to grow, but aren’t, are often trying to avoid one of these six areas and still find success. To me, these are all essential areas to consider when implementing a marketing strategy and plan that will see your business grow.

I’m Rachel Goodchild, Managing Director of Identify. We either train you in how to run effective marketing strategy, or we run your marketing for you.

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