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Steps to creating meaningful automations

You know the saying, with great power comes great responsibility. The same is true with marketing automation – it can send your customers  into a flurry of action – to buy, to get in contact, or to learn more, but it can also bore their socks off when done incorrectly. Marketing automation has immense power to create a connection with your customers, develop loyalty and a sense of familiarity with your brand. And – it’s easier than you might think to start creating meaningful automations.

  • Awareness

I think this is the one that is the hardest for businesses to do, because there are so many options of how to create automations or what to do. 

The first question I want you to answer is every time you do a task, ask yourself ‘is this something I am doing more than once?’ If it is, you can automate it. 

Think about whether it is something you are holding up or someone else in the team is holding up because only they can do it. And then ask – can we automate it? Starting to be aware of those things is the important first step. It’s kind of like how I carry my water bottle around with me everywhere, because having that awareness of realising I am thirsty, makes me remember I need to drink. In fact the first step of learning how to drink more water is to be aware of when you are thirsty but are not drinking. And then you get to the next stage – where you always have water with you. (A bonus life hack for you there!)

  • Recording

The next step is recording these moments. So start writing down some of the things you feel could be a good automation and think about how it may work. Marketing automation is a process, which can only start when you have brainstormed potential areas where you can implement it. 

  • Mapping

The next step is to start mapping out what that automation sequence would look like. Where has that person come from? Where are they now? Where do you want them to go? Start to map that out on paper so you can begin to work through it. 

This is something we would actually help you do at Identify. So if you are working with us, we would assist you to map it out. Some clients do come to us with their maps already thought out, and then we challenge them to make sure they are done the simplest way. This is because often we accidentally over complicate our maps, so it is about checking whether there is a much simpler path to take. 

  • Implementing

The next step is to implement those marketing automations. Again, finding the simplest solution is the most important. And I have really learnt the value of trusting people like Rod, in our team, to do that work for us. Because he is so good at it. In fact he and Tracey in our team are so skilled at understanding how to get the simplest response, and sometimes the automation is very basic. And yes, I often have to hold back, because I will say ‘this is how it needs to be done’. But what Rod wants to know is just what the end result looks like, he will find the most straightforward way to get there. This is a skill not everybody has and is something I certainly don’t have myself. 

  • Testing

The next step, that I don’t like doing very much, is testing it. So when you are doing any automations you MUST test it to ensure it works. And sometimes this comes down to really understanding the platform you are working with, because some of them have quite strong rules around how you make something work or not. So be aware that adding a new task to an automation, without checking it, can easily break it. 

Nb. One of my favourite things is checking that the automation is on. I quite often set up a simple automation, and not turn it on, then wonder why it is not working. So don’t forget that important step! 

  • Using

The next stage is to use it. Release it into the wild and start using it! 

  • Reevaluating

Then finally, reevaluate it. Is it doing what you wanted it to do? Do you need to go back to the mapping, the implementing, or the testing stage to see what is going on? Always reevaluate, so you can check it’s working the best way possible.   

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an incredible asset to have in your business – if it is set up right. 

For some of our clients it has saved them having to employ extra team members, and in every case it has saved them time and energy, has improved their relationships with their clients, has improved conversion rates of their sales process and it has helped them create a business they are proud to stand by, because they are delivering a better quality of service to their clients. And I think that is a pretty awesome outcome. 

Want to know more? Check out some real life case studies below of some of the people we have worked with when it comes to marketing automation.

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