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Stop Having Mondays

Stop Having Mondays

It’s almost 5pm on a Sunday, and the little flurry of excitement about my week has already begun.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy weekends – far from it! We’ve gone for numerous walks, taken our boat out and caught fish, played with our puppy,had nearly every meal as a family around our table (which includes making each other laugh to the point of hardly being able to breathe), and had little indulgent moments of afternoon naps and reading books.

It’s just that I also love my work.

I have definitely had jobs or contracts where I felt like this:

But I decided life was far to short to feel that way.

This is how I gave up crappy Mondays:

1. I started with thinking about what I really want my life to look like. What do I value, and think is important? Did my life stack up to that dream (no!) Funnily enough, it wasn’t about vast amounts of wealth, and things. It was about time doing what I loved, building really good relationships with the people Ilove, and working on something that I felt purpose in. And I decided that was the life I was going to have.

2. I started to look at only doing the work I love, and outsourcing or handing over as much of the bits I don’t. This isn’t because I don’t want to grow, or do the hard bits. It is more that I realised my part on this earth is to become the best I can at the parts I have to give. So I needed to stop putting my energy into things that drained me or caused a great deal of stress. Plus it meant that people who are good at those things get to do more of it.

3. I made the call to change my workaholic pattern of working every night and all weekend to not doing that. I’m not perfect (I’m writing this at 5pm on a Sunday after all), some clients book me for weekends or evenings, and a new business means I need to do longer hours than usual) but I hardly unpack work at home after 6pm, or during Saturday and Sunday.

I started to put my needs first when I wasn’t at work. It’s brought a few changes-  such as less socialising with friends, and less late nights, but I’m not as tired, and definitely not as stressed. My partner and I focus on using weekends to recharge- which comes before filling the time with crazy activity and busyness.

It seems counterintuitive that less hours worked means I enjoy my Mondays more but it has meant I take a physical and mental break away from everything for two days, and by Sunday night can’t wait to get back to it again. I’ve found I actually get through far more work now I have limited my work hours

The best thing about this is this has become my new normal. I don’t think of Mondays as something to dread or resent. I think of them of the first day of new opportunities and adventure.

4. I stopped thinking of Monday as an evil day placed there to ruin my life. I realised my own attitude was creating dread and stress and I was only damaging myself in the process. I gave up crappy Mondays, horrible Humpdays and Thank God it’s Friday thinking.

Of course I still experience Mondays- I haven’t discovered a gap in the space-time continuum where I skip direct from Sunday to Tuesday. I just stopped having Mondays were drenched in bad attitude and grumpiness.

Instead I try to learn from my puppy – who believes that every morning is a little like Christmas – full of opportunities to try something new, and do all my favourite things.

Rachel Goodchild is Managing Director of Identify

[email protected]

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