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Tell Me What Makes Your Business Special

Tell Me What Makes Your Business Special

This is one of the first things I say when I talk to anyone about their business.

And, unfortunately, it’s rare that I get a confident answer back.

(If you DO know what makes your business special – post your response below – I want to know! )

Us Kiwis are EXCELLENT at what we do. We’re just not that great at taking time out to work out what it is that makes what we do special or different than our competitors, and we are definitely not good at telling people if we do know.

When you don’t know what makes you special, or you don’t know how to tell it to your clients, you cannot grow effectively, attract the right type of clients, or distinguish yourself when new competition comes into your area.

As a marketing consultant and trainer, I get really frustrated that this is a stumbling block – so I’ve created a course to help anyone who wants to work this out.

It includes everything I’d do with you in person, but without my voice in your ear! And instead of the investment of my face to face session, this is just $1.

If you don’t know what makes your business special, unique and different from your clients, please enrol for this course and find out. And when you’ve finished, send me what you came up with. I’d love to see it.

(Why is it $1? – I wanted to give it away – but knowing what I know about human nature, if it’s free you will register for it but never do it. Even $1 will make you commit. Cos every dollar is precious – right? )

I’m Rachel Goodchild, Managing Director of Identify. We either train you in how to run effective marketing strategy, or we run your marketing for you.

I also provide a completely free regular personal coaching newsletter, that has tips, ideas and all the best bits of what I learn and teach. I’d love you to join to hear more ideas. 

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