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Tips for More Effective Content Marketing


content marketing people come to your website, or read your company material what is their reaction to you? Can they understand what you are saying easily and clearly? Or do you make their brains hurt with your jargon, company culture ‘wordage’ and over formality?

Maybe you have no idea. Have you ever got a bunch of people to just visit your site and tell you what they understand from the messages you’ve written?

You can write a technically beautiful sentences but if they aren’t understood by your clients, and you haven’t CONNECTED with them, it’s a waste of your time, and theirs. Even worse – you might be turning them OFF

Twelve years ago I was living in Taiwan. I hadn’t made the effort to learn Chinese, and I had assumed in my arrogance that I’d be able to just speak English. Catastrophic idea.

I became one of those horrid people who instead of trying to communicate using a DIFFERENT method when my spoken English was not understood, I just spoke LOUDER and SLOWER.

It was never going to make a difference. I needed to change – instead of expecting everyone else around me to.

Your company content needs to be understood. If someone who you want to work with reads it and doesn’t understand it, it’s not their issue – it’s yours.

We accidentally jargonise when we are too deeply enmeshed in our own industry, when we are trying to sound important, or when we forget who will be reading it.

Great content marketing is often just simple content. It tells a story, it clarifies, and most importantly, it COMMUNICATES the message you need to get to your potential clients.

I have an active brain and love learning. I am always really disappointed when I read a blog or content from a “thought leader”, especially in marketing or social media that I just can’t understand because it is filled with jargon, and buzzwords. I wonder – has it been written that way to make me feel inferior? Or am I just really STOOPID? And then I turn off, because both of those things make me feel bad.

Take a fresh pair of eyes to your content marketing – and ask yourself – “If I knew nothing about my industry, would this interest me? Would it make any sense?”

It’s the first step towards creating killer content that cuts through all the wasted web space on your competitors websites and content marketing materials.

And if you aren’t sure how to get started? You’re very welcome to ask us to help you. 😉

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