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Helping You Understand SEO Easily

If you struggle to understand SEO easily, we’ve created this short video to help you understand what it is, what it does, and why it is REALLY important

SEO is in two related parts.

On Page SEO is all the SEO ON your website. It helps google see what your website is all about, and helps GOOGLE understand who you are, and what you are talking about. Google then can tell other people what you’ve said, and show them your website if they think it’s related to what they need.

We use the example of Rarotonga. To understand SEO easily, you just need to think that about how easy it is to find your way around Rarotonga with a map. We call this on page SEO.

SEO can include some pretty random keyword phrases sometimes, if they happen to the phrases your kind of people tend to use to find people like you.

Off-Page SEO helps people find you, through linking you with other websites and places on the internet that help push your website’s visibility up the rankings.

We again use the example of Rarotonga. Because only two airlines travel direct to Rarotonga, we’d say it has BAD off page SEO. Those links are important ones, but it makes it hard for people anywhere in the world to get to Rarotonga.

Watch the video below to better understand SEO easily




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