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Want My Business? Make the Decisions for Me

Want My Business?  Make the Decisions for Me

Choice and taking the time to choose is a luxury I save for rare moments.

The truth is, time is finite, and I, like most people, want the process to anything to be as easy as possible. Too much choice slows the process down and makes it more complicated.

It’s not that I don’t want choice – it’s that I want someone to make the final choice for me – so I can move onto the next thing more easily.

My clients don’t want to make micro choices – that’s what I’m there for. If I come back to them on everything, they may as well just do the work themselves.

Last week my partner and I went to a beautiful boutique hotel for the night. One of the selling factors for me was that they make the choices for me about everything – the only thing I had to decide was between two mains. Everything else was chosen, after receiving a brief of what we liked and could or couldn’t have.

I felt stress roll off my shoulders. I trusted them, and I knew they had my best interests at heart, and I knew they could deliver – so I was very happy to let them make choices for me.

Here’s an important question- how much choice are you giving your clients? Maybe it’s too much. Maybe you need to make some of the decisions for them, make the process easier, own the work, do the doing and not make everything about choice

Because in today’s world – the abundance of choice is pretty overwhelming. And I might choose someone who isn’t make me do all that choosing – it just feels like hard work.

Rachel Goodchild is managing director of Identify.

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