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When To Boost On Facebook As A Small Business In NZ From Identify Marketing

When should you boost on Facebook.

Before you click on that button, find out when you should boost on Facebook. It’s not as often as you might think! And it’s often not the best way to spend your money!

Let’s face it, it’s so easy to click that boost button, but should you do it?

Understanding the difference

Boosting is basically paying for the opportunity for more interaction. You want to achieve more post likes, comments and shares.
Facebook ads have a specific objective – maybe you want to promote your Facebook page, send people to your website, increase conversions, get people to install your app.

You get the idea. It’s more specific.


For Facebook, like Everywhere, Content is King

You must be confident your content is right for your audience and that they will be interested, and then only use boosting as one of many ways to get it in-front of them.
Which is why you should be selective about the posts you boost

If you are making a decision about when you should boost on Facebook, remember boosting posts should have a purpose, a call to action or be designed to generate sales.

Reconsider boosting posts that are already doing well, unless that post is driving people to your website. Because while Facebook engagement is nice, is that all you want to achieve?

What about that Facebook algorithm?

Something to keep in mind is how Facebook’s algorithm works. When you create an ad, you select an objective and from there Facebook determines who sees your ad.
Should you boost on Facebook, the objective is automatically chosen for you, and the reach may be impressive….but did you check the Click Through Rate (CTR)? How many people took action?
We regularly see increased reach but fewer actions, fewer clicks for boosted posts versus Facebook Ads.

So when should you boost on Facebook?

  • You’re a local business boosting an announcement, new product launch, an informative relevant post to a specific geographic area (city, suburb, region)
  • You only want to achieve engagement on a specific post
  • You want your current followers to be more likely to see a specific post (currently only 1-2% of your followers will see a Business Page post organically)
  • You have a giveaway you want to promote as part of a bigger plan

Like anything, we recommend businesses take a balanced approach to digital advertising and that they make informed decisions that are linked to outcomes.

Read this and realise you need more than boosting in your life? We can help you work it out…



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