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Which one do you trust more?

Which one do you trust more?

“Surely,” I said to my husband, as we drove past a man putting up a sign written with paint on an old tatty piece of cardboard, “we’ve come further than this. He could have printed off a sign at home, and glued it to card. Made it look better.”

And then I thought about it.

Which one do you trust more when it comes to garage sale signs? A beautifully presented, printed, professional looking sign? Or a handwritten (potentially by a child) sign that screams “home made and last minute.”

For me, it would be the homemade sign. It promises a hope of bargains, new treasures and a need to sell.

It made me think – does your business need to have a high level of design and perfection to be trustworthy? In these days of all the tools we have at our disposal to make everything beautiful, is there still a place for something decidedly homemade and imperfect, or somewhere in between?

Sometimes deciding NOT to jump on the fresh design bandwagon may work for your business.

It all boils down to who you are selling to, and what you are selling. One size fits all design doesn’t fit all businesses. You don’t all need beautiful fonts, and gorgeous images. Lots of us do (As a marketing agency we wouldn’t get away with a handwritten sign!), but not all of us.

One things for sure – if we ever have a garage sale, I’m going to resist the temptation to make beautiful signs.

What about you?

Rachel Klaver is managing director of Identify.

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