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Don't Make Me Do That!

You Can’t Train Passion into Your Team

Don't make me do that! (2)

You Can’t Train Passion into Your Team

Yesterday our ninth person joined our team, since Identify launched almost six months ago.

I’ll be completely honest and say the growth and it’s speed has taken my completely by surprise. As has discovering just how much delight I’m having from working with a team of engaged and delightful people, all doing things I am well aware they are better at than me.

And that is because we support our team in two very important areas – we develop skill, but we never try to develop  or force passion.

One of our core offerings is to provide an outsourced marketing solution to business (primarily small to medium ones, though we’ve got a few big businesses also starting to jump on board), to help them “do” in areas they aren’t so passionate about.

We also help train and coach them to do it themselves if they prefer (as an NZTE approved provider).

We, as a team, really try to live and breathe what we tell our clients to do. We continually rework the team dynamic to improve our functionality. We provide training internally (which, by the way we pay them to do because it’s benefiting us), and touch base on a regular basis around what we can do to help with competency, learning new skills and understanding new developments in an ever changing social and marketing landscape.

Each job is given a time budget so that we can deliver work to a client. We allow for some extra time (which we will soak up, or the team member may, solely at their discretion) if someone is learning.

But we know, once trained if the work is taking longer than the time specified it’s not the skill that’s lacking – it’s the passion

And you can’t train passion

It’s my wholehearted belief this is where so many businesses go wrong. My team is motivated (of course they are – it’s a young company and I haven’t done enough to annoy them yet! I’m well aware of that!), and they are passionate about the business. I’m so, so lucky to have them with me.

But once we’ve trained them, it’s often very clear where their passion really lies. And instead of trying to try to squish them into a role that doesn’t fit, we move them into something that does.

We’re in charge of many people’s baby – their business, their own passion, their dream. How could we do anything less than ensuring the people growing their business are completely passionate about how we do that?

It’s why I’m such a strong advocate for outsourcing. Do what you are good at. Drop your profit percentage initially, to outsource the things you aren’t. (I live and breathe this, believe me!) And then use all the time, energy and happiness you get from that to go do the parts you ARE best at.

For me – while I love social marketing, I’m not passionate about managing a client’s marketing delivery for more than a month. So our incredible account directors, who get excited about that do it instead.

My job is simple – I have to go out and find them new businesses to look after, and I have to help businesses develop the strategies the need, and I need to look after and care for my team. That’s enough.

By all means train, and learn and up skill.

But take a real look at where your passion is too.

Life’s a precious thing. Spend it in the things you love. And let other people have the privilege of loving the parts of doing that you don’t.

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