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Zoho Consultants For NZ Buisnessess

Zoho consultants for New Zealand businesses

It was a big decision to commit to becoming Zoho consultants for New Zealand business. With a small team, any platform we align ourselves with must be something we believe in and back ourselves

As it stands at the point of writing, while there are several other IT companies that are soho partners in NZ, we’re the only one primarily focused on marketing, in part due to the existing strengths in our business of marketing strategy/execution and IT.

Identify Marketing specialises in working with small business owners to help them with their marketing automation, their digital sales funnels and a lot of content creation around improving the online space as well as full marketing and digital marketing strategies. 

When we started to look at working with businesses who might not be a natural match for Active Campaign, (which is what we use a lot for e-commerce businesses and some smaller B2C businesses) we started to investigate a whole range of different options. While conducting a technology roadmap for a client, we investigated for them the options and they were looking potentially at Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. In working through that technology roadmap and working through their needs, we discovered that Zoho was incredibly comparable in terms of options. What it included in the packages was far cheaper and simple to use and integrate. 

Zoho met the needs of everything they needed as an all in one package. 

We adopted Zoho for this particular client. They were able to go from having seven different platforms in terms of their marketing and sales process down to two: Zoho and Xero. This was a really effective step to simplify their business, helping their team talk to each other. It simplified the sales process, it improved the leads process, it improved the client management process and the entire team is able to use Zoho and its different functions across the business. 

After implementing it we realized that Zoho was very adaptable to a wide range of business needs. We became Zoho consultants simply because we were sold on how effective it was ourselves. 

At Identify, we don’t recommend anything that we don’t personally use and test ourselves. We have moved much of our own marketing and sales processes onto Zoho. 

We use Zoho CRM everyday. It’s an amazing way for us to track and manage our sales process and pipeline. 

It is amazing how much value can get packed into Zoho One and Zoho CRM compared to some of the other leading comparable players such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or HubSpot. It is a really effective and diverse solution that can be used to grow and scale your business. And it’s really clever at using AI and is consistently developing and evolving as a solution. 

We use Zoho Social for tracking and scheduling all our social media ourselves. We use Sales IQ and PageSense to help us with working out better leads for our website and improve our websites. We even designed one of our sites on Zoho Sites, and we are adopting and using more and more of the different parts and components of Zoho CRM or Zoho One in our own business, as we delve into how to use it best for our clients. 

We became Zoho consultants New Zealand businesses because we personally love it and we’ve seen the benefit of using it with our clients. If we were asked to do a technology roadmap, it may not always be the option that we choose, because we’ll always choose the best option for the client at the time. However, most of the time it is one of the strong contenders for winning over others in the field due to the broad range of uses, the flexibility of the platform and the ‘bang for your buck’ compared to other solutions offering similar levels of solutions. 

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