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Make marketing really work for your business

Move your marketing from the "too hard" and "too expensive" baskets. And get more leads, sales and success as you take action. READY? Get in contact today.


Great Marketing makes business growth easy.

And we could all do with a bit of EASY in business – are we right?

It’s time to be proactive, and start directing exactly where your business is headed

You already have people who love you, talk about you, come back to you


To reach them, you need a targeted marketing action plan that shoots straight to the heart of your ideal customer. 

And to get that, you need help.

You need someone to help you work out the best strategy for you. 

Yes, we’re marketers. But…

We’re also small business owners just like you.

We’ve felt the overwhelm when it comes to fitting marketing into everything else. We know how easy it is to let it slide, then panic when the leads or sales slow down.

We’ve sat there and swore to ourselves “I’m not going to do THAT again”

Then sure enough…. did!

We’ve outsourced and got less than incredible results because we didn’t know what to ask for, or given the right brief.

We’ve thrown money at ads in the hope things would come right, only to burn through budgets.

We’ve watched competitors and become frozen with comparisonitis, even though we know our work is good!

We learned it’s easy to make a plan. But it needs to be one that WORKS for the business. And so we simplified our plan (and the ones of our clients).

We know firsthand just how hard it is to prioritise marketing with everything else in your business. We also know how good it feels when it all starts to work and the business grows!

When we began to really live and breathe the work we do with our clients, and focus on building community, trust, and relationship with our clients, and connections, our business was transformed.

And marketing?

It became central to making it work.

What we learned in the process is what we now can teach you with authority, confidence, and clarity. We know how to do it because we did it.


Our work with hundreds of small business owners on their marketing, across all sectors in New Zealand, Australia, and beyond helps small business owners just like you work with simple and actionable plans that attract ideal clients, and increase business profit.

Work with us and we'll give you:

Clear Direction

Clarity on defining your core marketing messages, so you can cut through the noise of your competitors

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A Marketing Map

A detailed and clear action plan that maps out your priorities so you can start straight away

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Our Support

Support with our online and bespoke one-to-one training, set up and coaching depending on your goals

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We’re committed to working with you ONLY if you need us. Sometimes all you need is a quick tweak or the right question. Let’s work that out! Find out what your marketing priorities are and your gaps with our FREE  38-page work book

Download the THE MARKETING FIX and get started

What you can expect when working with us

A business that knows what to say, where and to who with every marketing message.
Actionable advice that’s from working with hundreds of small businesses
Strategy that fits in with you capacity now and in the future
Oodles of value, ideas, tips, and insight.
The simplest, most cost effective, and best actions you should take.
Support, exclusive online training, and oodles of encouragement.
Understanding of what to outsource and what should stay in-house.
Coaching to up skill you and your team to stay on track with your marketing
Marketing actions for every area of marketing (we don’t just do digital marketing)
Clear, personalised training.
Business growth that is attributable to your marketing.
Our end goal is to have you confidently (and hopefully enthusiastically!) running what we helped you set up.

Ready to create a simple and powerful marketing strategy specifically catered to your business goals, capacity and budget?

 “I would come out of some of these sessions saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t do this. What are you on about?” But that would be the overall strategy, and then, Rachel and the team would break it down to things that would be achievable. It makes you feel confident about trying a little bit more…I’ll just have another go. I’ll just take another step.”


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