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Ready to Get More Customers?*

*The Right Kind

It's Easy to Grow When You've Got the Right Customers

You’ve got a great business.

Your products or services are second to none.


You call your business the best kept secret in your industry

That’s a  PROBLEM.



What we do....

We work with you to create the simplest effective marketing plan for your business. We make it fit with your business stage, your budget and your goals.

We focus on where you need show up, and what you need to do. We help you attract the right kind of customers with the least amount of effort.

And then, we help you set it all up. We’re right there with you, until you’re ready to take control.

( You may be eligible for part-funding for us to work with you, via the Regional Business Partner Network. We’ll talk you through options when you get in touch, and refer you to them to be assessed. )



Learn how to maximise Instagram

and develop your skills and confidence

in both organic and paid reach to increase your marketing leads

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Which One Are You?

An Established Business With A Team

Established Businesses

You have an established business built on strong values. We’ll help you grow by plugging in simple, effective marketing for growth.

Small But Powerful

Small But Powerful

You’ve got a small team and you love it that way. We’ll help you scale and grow your profit without piles of admin needed.

A Growth Focused Start Up

Focused Start-Ups

You’ve got a solid concept. Now you need effective strategy to get it in front of the right people at the right time.


We work on a plan with you. We make sure it fits your business stage, your budget and your plans for growth. Every action will help attract the right type of customer for your business.


We help get your plan underway. We set up marketing automation and facebook funnels, your social media scheduling and more. We test it all until we’re both happy with the outcomes.


When you are ready, we’ll train and hand over your marketing so you can run it yourself. We’ll go at your pace, and make sure you stay confident, in control and getting the best results

Identify has a great team of experts to help you with targeted marketing- my sales figures are certainly up from last year and I would highly recommend Identify!

Rachel unravels and unpacks all the jargon and makes it simple to understand complex stuff, which leaves you feeling empowered and able to know what your next steps need to be for your business.

Rachel is engaging speaker, however the thing I liked most about her is the way we can all relate to her as she is very real. She keeps things interesting but at the same time keeps your feet on the ground. I love her no nonsense approach to things

Identify have helped me cut through all the noise out there in the digital-marketing-scape, get back to basics and make good decisions, remember it is still marketing even though it has got so high tech

Rachel's enthusiasm is inspiring. Valuable content that is engaging, and Rachel manages to communicate it all as fun and achievable.

Need a FREE marketing strategy?

Our online school guides you through how to write a marketing strategy. It’s FREE FOREVER. Join, be guided with our emails, videos and lessons, and create a marketing strategy for your new normal.


Marketing Plan for home based ECE business
Plan, set up and training across all marketing
Marketing strategy and CRM for Small nz business
Plan, Email and Facebook marketing automation set up
marketing plan and marketing automation set up
Marketing strategy, active campaign implementation and facebook ad funnel for ecommerce
Digital marketing plan and training. Website design
Marketing strategy and coaching along with facebook and marketing automation
SAN Logo & Tagline – CMYK – RGB
squoodles educational toys
Marketing strategy, brand story, social media and email set up and training
marketing plan and technology road map
happy moose
Marketing for skincare company plan, email marketing and facebook funnels
visitor rego logo
brand story, marketing strategy, facebook funnel, email marketing strategy
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