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Now is the time to dig deep into marketing

This is the best time to find out what makes you stand out and share it with the world.
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You need new ways to be noticed, remembered and chosen.

It’s time to be proactive.

If you’ve already got customers who love you, and come back to you, you’re ready for more.  

There is new business to be found.

you need a targeted small business marketing strategy that shoots straight to the heart of your ideal customer. 

And to get that, you need help.

You need someone to help you work out the best strategy and actions for your business.

Yes, we’re marketers. But…

We’re also small business owners just like you.

We know what it’s like to juggle the marketing tasks on top of everything else.

We’ve felt the overwhelm.

We’ve experienced the FOMO.

And we’ve experienced those horror quiet periods after letting our marketing slide.

We are all about healthy, profitable businesses because we remember when ours was anything but.

We’re here to  build out a marketing strategy that touches your customers at each stage of the customer journey

If you have:

Worried your content is boring
Wasted money outsourcing with poor returns
Relied on paid ads for new business
Watched competitors overtake you
Felt overwhelmed with technology
Needed a marketing system that works

We know how to fix it

We know how to target the right places in your business to get growth fast.

We help you focus on building community, trust, and relationship with your clients, and connections

Your business will be transformed.

We’re going to get you excited about marketing your small business.

There are new customers out there ready to buy from you. Let’s go find them.

Our work with hundreds of small business owners on their marketing, across all sectors in New Zealand, Australia, and beyond helps small business owners just like you work with simple and actionable plans that attract ideal clients, and increase business profit.

How we'll work together:

Check the Fit

We’ll work out how to maximise our time together.

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A Marketing Map

Customised strategy and training you can use straight away

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Our Support

Confidence in what, how and where to market your business.

Get In Touch

Maybe your marketing just needs a quick tweak. Let’s work that out!

Find out what your marketing priorities are and your gaps with our FREE strategy work book

Download the THE MARKETING FIX and get started

What you can expect when working with us

Discovery of your brand voice and how you will use it.
Each step of the customer journey covered
A sticky content web your audience won’t ever want to leave
Marketing actions for every area of marketing (we don’t just do digital marketing)
A “cut through the crap” action plan for today, and for your future goals.
Email marketing you’ll be excited to send.
Effective use of AI tools (chatGPT and more)
A clear connection between your marketing and sales process.
Confidence in how you’ll market your business
Coaching to up skill you (and your team) to stay on track with your marketing
Systems and checks for outsourced/ team marketing activity.
Support with technological blocks and confusion
An experienced strategist who’s worked with over a thousand small buinesses
One-to-one or Group strategy/coaching options to best fit your needs
Clear, personalised and recorded training bespoke to your needs
Support, exclusive online training, and oodles of encouragement.
Business growth that is attributable to your marketing.
Identify Marketing are also certified partners for ZOHO  (ZOHO CRM, ZOHO ONE), and ActiveCampaign).

Up to 50% funding for our services may be available through the Regional Business Partner Network. (conditions apply)

Ready to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONVERT those new customers?

 “I would come out of some of these sessions saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t do this. What are you on about?” But that would be the overall strategy, and then, Rachel and the team would break it down to things that would be achievable. It makes you feel confident about trying a little bit more…I’ll just have another go. I’ll just take another step.”


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