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Find Your Content Marketing Style as a Small Business Owner

Are you struggling to find your content marketing style? As a small business owner, you know how important it is to communicate your knowledge to your target audience. However, finding your own content style can be challenging. With so many different strategies and approaches out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you need to fit into a certain mold. But the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to content marketing. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can define your content style as a small business owner and stand out from the crowd.

Embrace Your Authentic Self

The first step to defining your content style is to embrace your authentic self. It can be tempting to try to emulate what other successful businesses are doing, but ultimately, you need to find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in your content. Whether you’re quirky, serious, or somewhere in between, your unique perspective is what will make your content stand out. For example, if you’re a pet groomer, you could create videos of yourself singing silly songs while grooming a dog, or create blog posts that incorporate your love of animals into your marketing strategy.

Experiment with Different Formats

Once you’ve embraced your authentic self, it’s time to experiment with different content formats. You don’t have to be a video expert or a social media guru to create effective content. In fact, you might find that you enjoy a format that you never thought you would. For example, if you’re a wedding planner, you could create a podcast where you interview other wedding professionals, or start a Pinterest board where you curate inspiration for your clients.

It’s all about finding the best platform where you feel most at home.

Choose from The Five Main Types of Content Creators

There are five main types of content creators for small business owners: the strategist, the edutainer, the lived mentor, the motivator, and the artist. You might find that you fit into one of these categories, or you might be a combination of two or more. Let’s explore each of these categories in more detail:

  • The Strategist: If you’re a consultant or strategist, you have a lot of experience in your field and love to teach others. You don’t like long-winded rants or conflict, and you prefer to keep things simple.
  • The Edutainer: You love to teach in a different way and build a powerful brand. You enjoy making people laugh or learn through fun and have heaps of ideas for how to make that happen. It can be tricky if you’re crunched for time, but skits, trends, and dramatic reenactments can help.
  • The Lived Mentor: If you’re just starting out in your career or on a big learning curve yourself, this is perfect for you. You might be a relative beginner in your field, but you’re bringing people along with you. You love to teach, and you see yourself as a guide who’s not a super expert.
  • The Motivator: You’re already successful in real life with accomplishments, and you’re helping to inspire others. You have a platform and an audience, and your content is less about strategy and more about hype.
  • The Artist: You have experience in an artistic field and have time to create beautiful videos and images. If you’re time-poor or have low skills, this might not be a good fit for you. However, if you’re an artist, you can create content that is beautiful and gets remembered, even if you only create small amounts of it.

Often we’re a mix of two of these (for instance I’m a mix of strategist and edutainer. I love any excuse to make people laugh as they learn!)

Experiment to Find What Works for You

Once you understand the types of content creators, you can experiment with different formats before finding the ones you enjoy the most. It’s important to try different things and see what resonates with you and your audience. For example, you could start with writing blog posts and then move on to creating videos, podcasts, or social media content.

Use Your Content to Build Trust

Ultimately, the purpose of your content is to help improve your visibility as a business, stand out from the crowd, and build trust with your audience. 

It’s not about finding THE way to create your content, but rather to find the best way for YOU to show up authentically as yourself. 

When you know who you are talking to, what you need to talk about AND love it enough to speak about it with confidence and enthusiasm, there is no stopping you!

This is one of the reasons I don’t teach just one platform. I know many other marketers love Instagram, for example but it’s not a place I love. (I’ve tried.) 

However I do love using Linkedin and Tiktok!

I don’t let my own views prevent my clients from using a platform I don’t resonate with – for me it’s all about finding your individual style, message and platforms to make the biggest and best splash you can in getting your marketing messages out there.

(By the way, I love I get to work as a content marketing coach. Know you need some help in this area? I’d love to have you join our group. You can find out more here

Whether you get help from me, or you work it out yourself, if you are communicating in the best way for you, and in a way that shows people your unique skills, experience and magic, then it’s going to work.

How good is that?

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